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Mepaco has manufactured equipment systems for various stages of cheese production. Our equipment experts work with your production specialists for application specific solutions to meet your production, efficiency and sanitation goals.

Our Dairy processing equipment is built to USDA/Dairy and WDA compliance with ASME certified welding specialists. We also offer a 3A certified bottom discharge cooker. Our finishing capabilities include bead blasting, passivation, pickle passivation and electropolishing for the highest bacterial resistant finish available.

Mepaco’s dairy equipment experience includes:

  • Mixer Blender Solutions
  • Thermal Processing Solutions
  • Dumpers, Lifts and belt conveyors
  • Auger Carts
  • Material Handling

reliable by design

Mepaco has been manufacturing food processing equipment for 80 years. We've built our reputation on eight decades of knowledge and expertise in custom solutions with the most efficient and cost effective processing results.