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Commercial Cookers

Mepaco engineers cooks to specific thermal processing applications. These specially designed cookers designed for batch cooking or continuous applications.

Continuous Cooking Equipment
  • Mepaco’s industrial cookers are designed for continuous reliability to cook a variety of products including pizza crumbles, meatballs, rice, pasta, fruit, vegetables and a variety of processed meats.
  • Capacity ranges from 50 lbs/hr up to and exceeding 10,000 lbs/hr as required for the application.
  • Industrial cookers can be designed to utilize direct/indeirect steam, oil/water immersion or thermal screw configurations.
  • Our patented scraper design minimizes surface burn-on for efficient heat transfer.




Recent Posts

  • Dual Cook System Solves Flexibility for Production Scenarios Posted 4 years ago
      This system (see video link) was designed to increase capacity and flexibility for processing sauces and soups for a commercial food manufacturer. The Column Dumper feeds the ThermaBlendTM Cooker with recipe ingredients. The 200 gallon ThermaBlendTM with heat transfer jacket, cooks the product while being gently agitated by dual ribbons. After the batch is cooked, it is released into a drop tank which is jacketed for maintaining temperature and includes an agitator for continued dispersion of particulates. The batches are then pumped to downstream packaging operations.  The sanitary design platform allows safe and easy access for maintenance and sanitation. For maximum flexibility, the system allows for two different batch processes or doubling batches to accommodate production demands. Visit for more information!
  • Food Processing Equipment Tests Prove-Out the Most Efficient Production Efficiencies Posted 5 years ago
    Mepaco, the food processing group of Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation, has three cookers available for testing as a courtesy to customers. A 50 gal single agitated ThermaBlend Cooker A 75 gal double agitated ThermaBlend Cooker A small continuous cooker The ThermaBlend “batch” Cooker offers a superior thermal processing solution with excellent cooking, cooling and blending characteristics. It is engineered for long lasting service for large-scale cooking applications. The Continuous Cooker is used where batch cooking is not applicable. The equipment offers a variety of processing options, including the use of steam, water and oil cooking medias. In utilizing the test cookers, Mepaco can conduct time studies and prove-out product integrity and production efficiencies. Mepaco uses the data to determine adjustment to horsepower, BTU’s, number of injectors and other performance criteria. The test results are scalable to maximize the efficiency of a larger system. There is no cost to use our test unit. Customers typically pay for freight and replacement of parts in the event of loss or damage. If a technician is required, Mepaco ...
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Which method is more effective for cooking, indirect steam (jacket) or direct steam injection?

Direct steam injectors are more efficient for cooking; however the formulation will pick up moisture. In addition to higher efficiencies, direct steam does not require a scraper used to prevent burn-on to the inside surfaces of the tub.

When are scrapers needed?

Scrapers are needed when the potential for burn-on exists. This is typical when using indirect methods for cooking. Scrapers eliminate burn-on which reduces the heat transfer coefficient. Scraper systems also provide cooking consistency with sensitive cooking applications.

Do scrapers need to be removed for cleaning?

Scrapers can be clean-in-place or removed for cleaning, depending on product and sanitation protocol.

When do scrapers need to be replaced?

If the scraper doesn't function properly and leaves residual burn-on, it is a sign that the scraper needs to be replaced.  Upon visual inspection, the edges of the scraper will be rounded and worn at which point the scraper needs to be replaced.

How do I know if I need a dual or single screw?

Applications with thick and dense product need a dual screw. Also, if you have a variety of suspended solids, the dual screw units tend to do a good job of mixing and cooking while maintaining a homogeneous blend - even for the most delicate particulates. Single screw units are often used for sauces, soup bases and lighter, less viscous products.

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