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Lift & Dump LD3000

The LD3000 (lift and dump) provides the highest discharge height (175") of all the dumper equipment models offered by Mepaco.

Lift and Dump Equipment

Lift & Dump LD3000 features include:

  • T304 Stainless Steel construction
  • T304 Stainless Steel 10 gauge liner
  • Pickle passivated finish
  • Adjustable container hold-down bar
  • Flow divider
  • Dual hydraulic cylinder design



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What applications require a LD3000 model dumper?

The LD3000 offers a very high dump height. There are separate lift and tilt cylinders that allow this model to dump at higher levels.

What are the standard dump heights for this model?

12", 139", 157", 175"

What configurations are available?

Mepaco's experience includes the from load model. Consult sales / engineering for application support on other configurations.

What is the load rating on the LD3000?

3000 lbs.

Does it only come in a floor load model?

Yes, floor loading is the only loading option.

What are the estimated cycle times?

LD3000 with 121" Discharge Height is 86 sec. (7.5 GPM)
LD3000 with 121" Discharge Height is 54 sec. (12 GPM)
LD3000 with 139" Discharge Height is 95 sec. (7.5 GPM)
LD3000 with 139" Discharge Height is 59 sec. (12 GPM)
LD3000 with 157" Discharge Height is 104 sec. (7.5 GPM)
LD3000 with 157" Discharge Height is 65 sec. (12 GPM)
LD3000 with 175" Discharge Height is 112 sec. (7.5 GPM)
LD3000 with 175" Discharge Height is 70 sec. (12 GPM)

Does this model have a pallet retention option?

No, it is not available on the LD3000.

What kind of containers can be used on the LD3000 (Lift and Dump)?

  • Standard tote and combos on pallets
  • Custom octagon shaped cardboard/combo
  • Combo with liner, plastic or stainless tote
  • Standard 400# and 600# buggies (Requires buggy arm attachment)
  • Drums/ barrels
  • Wheeled carts

Can this Dumper handle V-Mag Buggies?

The buggy arm set up is an option on the LD3000.

How is the metal finished on the LD3000?

All dumpers are constructed with a 2B mill plate finish and pickle passivated.

What are the finish options for a heavy sanitation environment?

The chute can be electropolished. We can also supply stainless steel cylinders and stainless steel pivot bearings as an option.

Are hydraulics available on the dumper?

Yes, hydraulic power-packs are available on all combo dumpers.

What are the safety options on the LD3000?

Locally mounted mechanical counter balance valve on each cylinder is standard.

We can provide standard sheet metal side guarding and parameter guarding.
In hydraulics are used, any hydraulic that fail is pressure operated so the hydraulic will hold the dumper and lock in place.

What are the control options on this dumper?

We offer a push button, up/down, estop, lock-out/tag-out control panel.