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Stainless Lift EZ4000

The EZ 4000 lift is kept in stock for immediate delivery.



EZ 4000 Model Lift


  • Heavy-Duty T304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Working Capacity: 4,000-Pounds
  • Platform Size: 48" x 42"
  • Raised Platform Height: 36" (Lowered to 9")
  • Relief Valve to Prevent Overloading
  • Control Valve for Controlled Descent in Case of Electrical Failure
  • Self-Contained Power Unit
  • 115 Volt Single Phase Hydraulic Drive W/Power Unit (Integrally Mounted)
  • Safety Up-Down Pendant Control
  • Dual, Low Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders (SST Powder Coated)
  • Pickle Passivated Finish
  • USDA Approved




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What is the EZ4000 rated for?

4000 lbs.

What maintenance is required for the EZ4000?

Check the cam followers, grease zerks and hydraulics. See manual for maintenance protocol.

What is the loading height?

This lift loads at 9".

What are the options?

The EZ4000 has an optional rotating top and tilting top. It can be counted on legs/risers. Customized load, height are available.  Stainless steel components (Cylinders, cam followers) are also an option.

What are the safety features?

Optional safety locks stop the lift and hold the lift in a raised position for safe maintenance.

What controls come with the unit?

Standard controls include a hand pendant with option for foot pedal and control button push button station locally mounted (required for 40 volt).

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