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Sanitation Features Demo on Mepaco’s New Sanitary Conveyor at the IPPE show

The IPPE show (International Production and Processors Expo) is underway in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia World Congress Center.

In the video, Joe Abitz demonstrates the moving and removable components to allow access for sanitation on Mepaco’s newest display, a modular Sanitary Conveyor.

Stop by to talk with Joe Abitz, Roy Howe, Tom Hoffmann and Dennis Buehring at Mepaco’s Booth N7065.

Automated Dough Trough Tilter / Dumper Helps Solve for Safe and Efficient Cleaning Challenges
Automated Dough Trough Tilter / Dumper Helps Solve for Safe and Efficient Cleaning Challenges

This automated dough trough dumper was designed for a baking industry manufacturer that needed a solution for safe and efficient sanitation of their dough troughs as well as a safe way to make repairs to them.

This dumper was designed to have a full rotation of 135° for normal sanitation requirements. In addition to this full rotation we incorporated another set point to allow for the maintenance group to work on repairing damaged caster assemblies. Due to the very close proximity of not only sanitation staff but also maintenance staff we incorporated additional locking components for the dough trough itself as well as operational safety locks and safety switches. These additional safety devices were integrated into the controls system to prevent unsafe operation of the dumper.

A footprint of 14.5 ft. x 6.5 ft. and a capacity of 3,000 lbs., this equipment is custom designed for both in-line and off-line applications.

Clean-Sweep Surge Loader System Modified for Food Product Flexibility

Clean Sweep Loader System

This surge loader was engineered to accept up to 4000 lbs. of bulk food product with metered delivery to downstream operations. In this design, the hopper is offset from the discharge screw, which allows a “clean sweep” of the agitator against the hopper preventing product bridging. During the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), 99% of the product was discharged.

The standard Clean-Sweep Surge Loader system was modified to include load cells, contoured auger covers and electropolished internal surfaces. These options provided the customer with efficiencies that met their production goals and floor layout requirements. The system was used to meter IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) meats and vegetables to downstream processes.

The system equipment will be controlled to meter the product depending on the recipe and demand from downstream processes.

The internal surfaces on the surge loader and the dumper were electropolished. The customer made the investment in the highly sanitary finish to increase sanitation efficiencies and to reduce risk of bacterial attachment.

Contoured covers were also used on the auger screw conveyor, which allowed for an increased incline angle and minimized footprint. The contoured covers allow for a full 360 degree wrap around the discharge auger assuring positive product flow.

Safety features include safety grating over the hopper and the discharge auger for safe maintenance and sanitation processes. The discharge auger drive assembly includes a coupler that allows for safe and easy maintenance for gearbox or auger replacement.

Visit Screw Conveyors and Surge Loaders.

Food Product Bulk Dumper Equipment Customized for Extreme Sanitation Protocols

Sanitary Dumper Equipment

Designed and manufactured by Mepaco, this pivot dumper has a high load infeed because of the dump elevation and limited ceiling height available at the customer’s food processing facility. This dumper features a pneumatic combo hold down, with options for additional sanitary surfaces to meet the demands of the caustic and aggressive cleaning procedures.

Due to the high load height, the pneumatic hold-down option allows the customer to use multiple combo/tote sizes in which their IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) products are supplied, without the need for manual adjustment. During the dumping process, the pneumatic hold-down prevents the combo and the liner from falling into the surge loader.

The customer opted for a stainless reservoir tank. Traditionally flat surfaces were redesigned with a pitch to allow water drainage. The top of the reservoir was also pitched to allow drainage.

The application called for all stainless steel piping and non-corroding fittings with a minimum amount of flexible hoses. These upgrades shorten the time to clean equipment between recipe production changes.

All product contact surfaces were electropolished for the greatest resistance to bacterial attachment and the most durable surface for caustic sanitation.

Visit Mepaco’s Dumper Equipment web page for more information and brochure.

Screw Conveyor Solves for Fast Cooling While Inclining Bulk Product

Screw Conveyor Elevator System

Mepaco engineers a solution for metering cooked product to an elevated position while continuously reducing product temperature. This screw conveyor system is equipped with CO2 snow horns and exhaust and can regulate the flow to maintain optimum displacement and temperature control. Having the ability to remove energy during product transfer helps to increase production efficiencies.

Mepaco screw conveyors and surge loaders are built to handle various applications. Both horizontal and inclined screw assemblies are available from a 4” to 48” diameter and can be designed with full, 1/3, 1/2 or variable pitch auger configurations.

Consistent with all Mepaco equipment, our screws and surge loaders adhere to the stringent sanitary design and safety design principles.

Steam Options on ThermablendTM Cookers Designed to Suit Different Applications

The above illustration shows the direct and indirect steam capabilities that exist with both the single and double agitated ThermaBlend™ batch cookers.

In the process of indirect steam heating, steam is injected into the ASME thermal outer jacket and heats the product through conduction. Since there is no added moisture to the product, the potential exists for product burn-on. Both the single agitated and double agitated ThermaBlend™ cookers feature Mepaco’s spring-loaded scraper system. By eliminating burned on product, the patented scraper system allows maximum heat transfer and allows for more effective sanitation. Applications for indirect steam heating include: stews, sauteed vegetables, scrambled eggs, granola, ground beef and other types of food products where additional moisture is not desired. The indirect steam cooking option can also provide caramelization if required for the application.

Thermablend™ cookers also have a direct steam option. When additional moisture is required for the product, steam is modulated and added to the food product. Advantages of direct steam cooking include reduced batch cooking times and reduced burn-on. Application examples include: moist pet food, thick sauces and soups. Direct steam is often used when the product is more viscous or has heavy particulates.

Direct, indirect or both steam heating techniques can be used in Thermablend™ cookers. Utilizing both indirect and direct steam options will substantially increase batch cycle cooking efficiencies. Viscosity and make-up of food product, processing and production requirements dictate which type of Thermablend™ and agitator option is best utilized for the application.

Follow this blog for upcoming articles on Thermal Screws, and other thermal processing solutions from Mepaco.

Auger Cart Provides Production Efficiencies for Pet Food Manufacturer

auger cart

Mepaco’s augers and pumping systems eliminate the need for batching by automating product transfers between production processes.

The cart highlighted in the photo was customized for a specific bone-in chicken processing application. Due to a stringent plant floor layout, the cart was modified to cover the gear boxes during the product dumping cycle from an existing dumper on the line.

Auger Screw

Further, the auger screw was designed with custom flights. These flights are engineered to forcefully push product through the pressure tube. The pumping operation is sized for a flow rate of 200 lbs./minute.

Visit Auger Carts on Mepaco’s web site.

Stainless Meat Vats and Bins Built for Rigorous Use

Stacks of Stainless Steel meat vats

Mepaco’s stainless steel vats, buggies and troughs are engineered to endure the rigors of continuous use and abuse that exists in meat and food processing production environments. Each unit is designed to meet or exceed the USDA, BISSC, and AMI standards for sanitary design.

Mepaco offers custom stainless steel vats built to the customer’s requirements. Our vats are made of corrosion resistant, heavy gauge 304 or 316 stainless material which provides long lasting durability and strength. We can fabricate totes and vats with large radius “ball” corners for easy and efficient cleaning. We also provide TIG welding on the container interior for ease of cleaning and sanitation compliance. The exterior welds are MIG welded for added strength and stress points are reinforced.

Custom stainless Mepaco’s totes are found in the baking, meat, cheese and tobacco processing industries.

Stainless Container Types:

  • Stackable vats
  • V-mag buggies
  • Meat tubs
  • Dough Troughs
  • Rolling bins
  • Curing bins
  • Transport and storage containers

For more information or to REQUEST A QUOTE visit our web page.

Dumper Equipment Video and Brochure Updates

Mepaco has recently updated Dumper Equipment information on our website at! We have added new videos, photos and brochures on the Dumper web pages.

The video link above is a general overview of the types of dumpers that Mepaco manufactures including the HD3000 High Dumper, the LD3000 Lift and Dump, the DP3000 Pivot Dumper and the CD1000 Column Dumper. This range of dumpers can fill the needs for many types of applications; Mepaco’s engineers and material handling specialists consult customers on the best solution that fits the requirements of the project. These dumpers fall under Mepaco’s standard design category, but can be customized.

Dumper equipment website updates include:

  • Overview video of Dumper Equipment
  • A video demonstration of the Pallet Retention System
  • Many more photos!
  • A new Brochure Download


For website, brochure and new video updates, sign up for this blog – on the form on the right! After you confirm your email, you will get the once weekly posts sent to your email.

Side Lift Dumper Provides Alternative Access in Challenging Plant Floor Layout

Side Load Dumper

The Side Load Dumper is typically specified in applications where access is limited due to challenging floor layouts or overhead structures. The DP (pivot) and HD (high) dumper series have the option of loading both “in-line” or from the side.  The Side Load Dumper, which can be designed in a left or right-side configuration, delivers more layout and production flexibility with material handling challenges.

The photo shows a base model, however the same options as on in-line dumper units are available, including:

  • Pallet retention system (PRS)
  • Pneumatic hold-downs and liner retention mechanisms
  • Safety side-shields and cages
  • Juice/product catcher
  • Alternative line/chute designs
  • Stainless power-pack cover and stand
  • Collapsible buggy arms
  • Custom carriages for non-standard containers and barrels

A sanitary design with smooth welds, this Side Load Dumper is pickle passivated. The unit has a capacity of 3000 lbs., and accommodates all standard totes with an adjustable hold-down. It is powered by a 5 HP hydraulic power unit.

PDF iconDownload Mepaco’s Dumper Brochure for more information.

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