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[Infographic] Why Processors like Mepaco's Dumping Equipment

Mepaco’s Meat Processors opt for dumping equipment features that provide the highest level of personnel and food safety, including:

  • Personnel guarding designed for the entire dump-zone footprint and safety relays that control the e-stop position; and optional pocket door designs that allow for safe fork truck access for loading and unloading.
  • A Pallet Retention System (PRS) that allows the combo to complete the dump cycle while separating from the pallet, limiting the potential for contamination in the food stream.
  • A liner hold-down that prevents the liner from separating from the combo and falling into the hopper.
  • An optional electropolished finish on the chute solves for sanitation efficiency and effectiveness.

Dumping Equipment Options Help Meet Food Safety Goals

In the video are two options that can be added to a dumper system to eliminate debris from finding its way into the product.

The first is a pallet retention system (PRS) which is integrated into the loading base. It is engineered to securely remove the pallet away from the product “dump zone” so that wood and other impurities are prevented from entering the product stream.

The next option is the liner hold-down mechanism which is also engineered to hold back the liner during the dumping process.

These options meet food safety goals and the liner hold-down prevents operators from having to reach and try to control the liner by hand.

Check out our FAQs and read more about Pallet Retention and Dumpers!

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