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Comparing Metal Finishes used in Sanitary Design Equipment

In the photo are samples that we provide to customers to show the different types of finishes available in the design and manufacturing of equipment for industries that require a high degree of sanitation.

From the left:

2B Finish: Has common corrosion resistance properties, heat resistant, smooth (not brushed) steel.  The RA (roughness average) is 36 to 15 depending on the gauge of the material.

#4 Finish:  Is Characterized by short, polished brushed lines and is suitable for caustic wash down procedures.  The RA is from 29 – 40 depending on the gauge of the material.

Pickle Passivation:  A treatment also referred to as descaling, pickle passivation removes the scale and leaves a matte finish that is free from contamination.  Apache’s tests have proven an increase in RA smoothness up to 25%, compared to measurements before the material was pickle passivated.

Bead Blast: Bead blasting utilizes material such as glass, ceramic beads to produce a non-directional, textured surface with a satin appearance and low reflectivity. The finish is not necessarily smooth, depending on the process and blasting medium. RA readings are typically greater than 45.

Electropolish:  Surface metal is dissolved, removing all embedded contaminants, which creates a smooth, mirror-like finish.  Apache’s tests have proven to increase smoothness up to 50%, compared to measurement before the material was electropolished.

For detailed information about these finishes and processes, download our white paper “Leveraging Stainless Steel Finishes on Sanitary Equipment”.


“This is What I Make” Video in the Mepaco group


The Apache Corporation and the Mepaco group work continuously in the manufacturing community to promote careers in manufacturing. In honor of Manufacturing Month, we are sharing a new video on the making of Mepaco stairs and platform.

A new video series, “This is What I Make”, features fabricators who have volunteered to put their work on video to educate youth and prospects how Apache’s equipment is made and the tasks involved in the process. In the video, Matt demonstrates reading engineering drawings, measuring to verify tolerances, welding and grinding in order to fabricate a stairs and platform that food plant customers use to maintain tall equipment at a safe level.

Apache is planning on making a video for each product segment to demonstrate the job duties in making our custom products.

These manufacturing career videos will be available on Mepaco’s website, social media and workforce partnering websites.

For more information and videos, visit


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