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Column Dumpers - Featuring 60 degree dump angle

Processors should be able to focus on critical operations and not have to worry about auxiliary equipment. That's what Mepaco's CD1000 Column Dumper delivers; a Column Dumper that is heavily built, engineered for easy maintenance, built to strict sanitary design standards, and like our processing equipment solutions, modifiable to meet specific production requirements.

The animation features a new option in Mepaco's Column Dumper, a 60 degree dump angle for applications where every particulate must be added to the batch.

For more information, download our Column Dumper Flyer.

7 Parts to Consider for Holiday Shutdown

Plant shutdowns during Thanksgiving week or between Christmas and New Year’s Day is common in the food manufacturing industry. Employees benefit from vacation (except the maintenance team of course) while contractors with various expertise and tasks come in to refurbish or re-engineer equipment and systems.

While shut-down goals are planned well in advance, Mepaco’s field service team recommends that time be set aside for a thorough replacement parts inventory and a shut-down audit to keep your Mepaco equipment running in top condition.

Replacement Parts Inventory

Below are (7) seven common parts for most Mepaco machines. During your shut-down, check parts usage and update inventory quantities. If you have budget money left for the year, contact Mepaco to get these items back on your shelves.

Motors / Gear Boxes

Due to the high cost of production downtime, we are seeing companies replace motors and gear boxes rather than repair them.  Motor and gear motor availability ranges from 3 to 4 weeks lead times currently.


Gaskets are replaced when there is leaking in the process or the equipment is not pulling vacuum.  Gaskets are sold by the foot; check your inventory to make sure you have an ample supply. Add the special gasket cutter scissors (image above) to your parts order for ease of installation.


The split seal is common in many applications and requires frequent replacement depending on usage.  Air-purge seals and mechanical seals are engineered to reduce maintenance and sanitation costs, but still may need a place in the inventory albeit fewer quantities than split seals.

Safety Switches

Safety switches can get bumped and battered in a busy processing environment and can be weakened by harsh sanitation chemicals.  Verify inventory needs for safety and other electronic components.


Agitators require custom fabrication to your machine specifications.  Depending on damage, agitators may be repaired on sight. In some cases, however, it is a catastrophic failure, and a new agitator is required. Sometimes it is not feasible to keep an extra agitator in inventory, however proactive agitator inspections can be performed during shutdown to determine wear.

Cylinders / Cylinder Kits

Cylinders are another item that has a long lead time for replacement.  It is recommended to have backups.  Another option is to also include cylinder repair kits in inventory.  Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder repair kits will extend the life of your cylinders.


One to two back-ups are recommended depending on usage. Plant shutdown is a good time to review compare bearing maintenance practices to the frequency replacement bearing usage.

Shut-down Audit
Mepaco techs can be available during shut-down schedules for proactive performance equipment audits. Equipment and system audit activities include:

  • Checking agitators and equipment construction for stress cracks
  • Verifying condition of recommended spare parts for equipment
  • Checking oil level and oil clarity to verify performance of motors/gear boxes
  • Complete review of all safety switch condition.
  • Review electrical components and controls for corrosion and wear.
  • Photographic evidence reporting.
  • Recommended repair / refurbish / parts report.

Contact Mepaco Field Services (920-356-7314) if you are interested in a plant shutdown audit.
Contact if you need help with parts replacements for your equipment.

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