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New Video Animation: A Demonstration of the Articulating Screw Elevator


The Mepaco group has expertise in manufacturing screw conveyor systems for many food industries and applications.  The articulating screw conveyor is part of the customizable product offering that includes screw feeders and surge loaders.

In the video, the articulating screw conveyor is animated to demonstrate:

  • Lowering and elevating capabilities for safe and efficient sanitation and maintenance
  • Pivoting capabilities that allow for versatile production possibilities

These articulating conveyors have been designed with different pivot configurations, CIP (clean-in-place) capabilities, pneumatically controlled safety grating and covers, and  electropolished food contact surfaces.

For more information, download Mepaco’s screw conveyor systems brochure.


Mepaco Dumper Equipment: New Options Improve Food Safety


Mepaco’s Pallet Retention System (PRS) is an option on Dumper equipment that reduces the risk of foreign matter like wood and nails from contaminating your food production process.


A manual or optional pneumatic clamp safely secures the combo throughout the dumping process. As the dump cycle begins, the pallet is immediately secured so once the combo reaches 90-deg, the combo can complete the dump cycle apart from the pallet.  In addition, a Liner Retention System (LRS) prevents the liner from separating from the combo and falling into the hopper.  Upon completion of the dump cycle, the dumper and frame are reunited and the carriage assembly returns back to the start-load position. 


This design limits the potential of foreign material from entering the product stream.  


The Pallet Retention System (PRS) and the Liner Retention System (LRS) are both available on the DP3000 Pivot Dumper and the HD3000 High Lift Dumpermodels.


Download the latest brochure on Dumpers for more information.


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