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10 Ways Dumpers Can Impact Safety

Mepaco offers equipment products that are engineered specifically for the application required for processing, material handling, or an integrated system.  Due to the food safety and personnel safety goals across food processors, Mepaco has innovated options to solve for these goals.  Here are 10 modifications to Dumper designs that can impact safety goals starting at the beginning of the processing line.

1.            PRS (Pallet Retention System)

The PRS design feature allows the combo to complete the dump cycle while separating from the pallet, limiting the potential for contamination in the food stream. Upon completion of the dump cycle, the dumper and frame are reunited, and the carriage assembly returns to the start-load position. 

2.            LRS (Pneumatic Liner Retention System)

The LRS controls a device that prevents the liner from separating from the combo and falling into the hopper and food stream. The liner hold-down prevents operators from having to reach and try to control the liner by hand.

3.            Elevated Load Height

Whether it benefits production or personnel maneuverability, elevated load heights can be customized into the dumping equipment solution.

4.            Stainless Cylinders

Upgrading cylinders to stainless will provide sanitation performance and longevity.

5.            Stainless Steel pivot bearings

Stainless pivot bearings are another critical component option that are often used in harsh food processing and sanitation environments.

6.            Electropolished Chute

Another option is an electropolished chute which promote food safety with efficient sanitation that is cleanable to a microbiological level.

7.            Beacon Light

Adding a signaling light alerts faults in applications where safety is an issue.

8.            Safety Side Shields

Safety shields are designed to protect personnel from moving components and pinch points. 

9.            Enclosed Guarding

Personnel guarding can also be designed for the entire dump-zone footprint, optional pocket door designs allow for safe fork truck access for loading and unloading.

10.          Automation & Controls

With a full safety enclosure and controlled dumper system, the load set point, detraction, and down control can be integrated into the HMI (Human Machine Interface). The dump function can also be automatically timed to feed downstream equipment using loss-in-weight or level sensor technology. The safety enclosure can also be designed and controlled to open automatically for loading and pallet removal.

Mepaco offers dumpers with a range of versatility from 48” to 175” dump heights.  We also manufacture accessories including lifts, vats, tubs, and buggies for your material handling needs. The tote dumpers (DP3000, HD3000 and LD3000) have a working capacity of 3,000 lbs. (1,361 Kg) and a 45-degree dump angle.

Visit Mepaco’s Dumping Equipment for more information.

Infographic PDF

Portable Column Dumper Solves for Flexible Production

There are multiple reasons to use a portable dumper equipment solution. Processors with quick turn batches and reoccurring recipe changes benefit from a portable dumper to use in multiple production areas. Some processors prefer to move equipment to designated sanitation areas. Also, the column dumper must be portable and move out of the way for mixers that require clearance for tipping hoppers to unload.

Another feature on the column dumper is an extended chute integrated with a 60-degree dump angle. The extended chute covers the gap between the column dumper and the mixer when the components prevent a close fit.

This processor utilized a 60-degree dump angle because the application required that every particulate was added to the batch.

Personnel guarding featured on this column dumper is designed for visibility and access with safety relays that provide safe fork truck access.

Reliably Built Standard Features:

  • 10-ga stainless on 120” dump heights, 7-ga stainless on 144” column heights
  • Full penetration welds
  • Built-in safety features including (3) proximity switches, e-stop
  • Completely wired motor starter in NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Minimum maintenance on broken motor, chain, bearings, and proxy switches

Processors should be able to focus on critical operations and not have to worry about auxiliary equipment. That's what Mepaco's CD1000 Column Dumper delivers; a Column Dumper that is heavily built, engineered for easy maintenance, built to strict sanitary design standards, and like our processing equipment solutions, modifiable to meet specific production requirements.

For more information, download our Column Dumper Flyer.

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