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Horizontal Screw Conveyors Provide Bulk Handling for Many Industries

Mepaco's screw conveyors are engineered to the requirements of the food processing application. In the photo, these screw conveyors transported pet food. The conveyor in the foreground was placed after the grinder and transported ground product. The conveyor in the background was utilized before the grinder. It featured a trough design that handled large meat chunks, which fed the grinder.

Engineers work closely with the customer's production experts to design systems that minimize space while maximizing flexibility for product formulations and production goals.

Mepaco's screw conveyor systems have served many food processing industries: Baking and Snack, Dairy, Fruits and Vegetables, Meat and Poultry, Pet Food, Prepared Food and Ready-to-Eat. Application expertise includes: Metering, Reversing, Formulating and Thermal Processing.

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Magnetic Grate: Another Safeguard Against Contaminants

Magnetic grates help to remove ferrous metal contaminants from flowing gravity-fed product streams in processing equipment.

In the video demonstration, a pen adheres to the magnetic grate, which is part of a screw elevator system. The grate is also easily cleanable for sanitation with the magnet constructed inside the stainless tube. The magnetic grate in the screw elevator shown in the video is hinged and accessible for inspection and manual removal of foreign material and testing.

Grate magnets, suitable for wet or dry food product offer efficient, economical protection of processing equipment while improving product purity.

Various styles and strengths of magnetic grates are available for Mepaco equipment, including: Hoppers, Cookers, Mixers, Blenders and Screw Conveyors. They can be utilized on any piece of equipment that receives free flowing gravity fed food product.

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Clean-Sweep Surge Loader System Modified for Food Product Flexibility

Clean Sweep Loader System

This surge loader was engineered to accept up to 4000 lbs. of bulk food product with metered delivery to downstream operations. In this design, the hopper is offset from the discharge screw, which allows a “clean sweep” of the agitator against the hopper preventing product bridging. During the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), 99% of the product was discharged.

The standard Clean-Sweep Surge Loader system was modified to include load cells, contoured auger covers and electropolished internal surfaces. These options provided the customer with efficiencies that met their production goals and floor layout requirements. The system was used to meter IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) meats and vegetables to downstream processes.

The system equipment will be controlled to meter the product depending on the recipe and demand from downstream processes.

The internal surfaces on the surge loader and the dumper were electropolished. The customer made the investment in the highly sanitary finish to increase sanitation efficiencies and to reduce risk of bacterial attachment.

Contoured covers were also used on the auger screw conveyor, which allowed for an increased incline angle and minimized footprint. The contoured covers allow for a full 360 degree wrap around the discharge auger assuring positive product flow.

Safety features include safety grating over the hopper and the discharge auger for safe maintenance and sanitation processes. The discharge auger drive assembly includes a coupler that allows for safe and easy maintenance for gearbox or auger replacement.

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Screw Conveyor Solves for Fast Cooling While Inclining Bulk Product

Screw Conveyor Elevator System

Mepaco engineers a solution for metering cooked product to an elevated position while continuously reducing product temperature. This screw conveyor system is equipped with CO2 snow horns and exhaust and can regulate the flow to maintain optimum displacement and temperature control. Having the ability to remove energy during product transfer helps to increase production efficiencies.

Mepaco screw conveyors and surge loaders are built to handle various applications. Both horizontal and inclined screw assemblies are available from a 4” to 48” diameter and can be designed with full, 1/3, 1/2 or variable pitch auger configurations.

Consistent with all Mepaco equipment, our screws and surge loaders adhere to the stringent sanitary design and safety design principles.

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