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Mepaco Publishes New E-Book: 3 Formulation Methods to Reduce Lean Giveaway for Processed Meats


Mepaco starts 2019 off with a new ebook highlighting 3 formulation methods to reduce lean giveaway in meat processing production applications.  The 3 methods, testing, pre-blending and inline fat/lean analysis are compared; offering pros and cons, equipment footprint layout and costs comparisons.

The e-book was developed by Mepaco's engineering and application team for our customers with the formula calculations to show how even a 1% or 2% difference can have a dramatic impact on profitability for meat processors.

Grind and blend systems are the cornerstones of Mepaco's expertise. This book was developed for customers to understand the equipment offerings for blending and how to reach the lean numbers they require for optimum productivity and profits. 

Download the ebook.