Mepaco working toward a 100% ASME Certified Welding Team

Among the value that Mepaco’s equipment provides, is the fact that Mepaco’s veteran welders are ASME certified. ASME welding certification guarantees a safer, stronger product.

Welding is an art among the science of manufacturing. The welder has the responsibility to provide artful, structurally sound coupons – with the independence, autonomy and accuracy presented by every challenging joint, bend or break in the metal.

But like any art, there is an associated range of quality with its practitioners. In our plant, ASME welders are highly skilled professionals certified to weld in all physical positions of a weld joint. This is the highest level of certification available. Mepaco invests the time and resources to ensure that all welders achieve this versatile level of quality.   The process starts on day one when new welders are hired.

Mepaco is the food processing equipment business group at Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation. Welders come to Apache with a variety of experience levels. Some come in with significant welding experience ready for certification. Others come with a desire to weld and a willingness to work. In those cases, Apache will invest in training and practice to ensure that these professionals develop to the standards Apache’s production requires. Most of Mepaco’s welding team is ASME certified with the remaining team members working toward certification. It is Apache’s goal that all welders be ASME certified.

Such a commitment to a high quality welding program speaks to the investment Apache makes in its workforce and skilled trades development. Apache has over 70 welding professionals on staff and works diligently with strategic community and educational programs to develop skilled trades.

ASME level welding quality is important considering the structural vulnerability within food processing equipment. A poor quality weld or a weld that has cracked can lead to cleaning issues and will likely harbor bacteria.

Because of ASME welding certification, Mepaco products rarely have welding warranty claims. Apache and Mepaco also have significant experience manufacturing pressure vessels for challenging applications that are built to be strong under pressure.

Apache continues to maintain rounds of audits and inspections by insurance and safety professionals that speaks to the consistency of the welders – and the effectiveness of the quality control department. Apache supports the ASME welding program within all our product groups: ASME large tanks, Portable Small Vessels and Mepaco, Apache’s food processing equipment line. Mepaco’s process customers are the biggest winners who will benefit from the best in build quality, efficiency and design.