Comparing Pump Feeder Applications

Mepaco’s pumping systems convert traditional batching methods to continuous batching systems by providing low-profile surge with the ability to continuously meter product to downstream processes. As part of a system, the Pump Feeder offers an alternative to other conveying or manual product handling. The low-profile surge allows cookers and mixers to discharge quickly while gently and accurately pumping product at the rates needed to meet your production demands. Highlighted in the infographic are four (4) different Pump Feeder applications. 

Processed Meat 

This 5000-lbs Pump Feeder takes a chilled, seasoned meat blend from a Mixer-Blender. Engineered with load cells, the Pump Feeder meters product (loss-in-weight method) to downstream forming operations. The dual auger feed with leveling assembly prevents bridging while mitigating temperature rise and the potential for fatting out from occurring. 

Pet Food

The 3000-lbs Pump Feeder feeds MSC (mechanically separated chicken) to an N2 Mixer-Grinder. The positive displacement pump provides high-capacity and accurate delivery of the product. This Pump Feeder features safety steps, vertical guarding, and a removable panel in the pressure cylinders for safe access during sanitation. All food contact surfaces are electropolished for the utmost sanitary design and ease of sanitation efficiency. 

Fruit Processing

This PumpFeeder is engineered for heating and hydrating cranberry press cake. The PumpFeeder features an ASME dimple heat jacket, which recirculates the press cake through a scrape surface heat exchanger during the tempering and hydrating process.

Chicken Processing

This Chicken Processing PumpFeeder provides surge for a specific bone-in chicken processing application. The unique design has an integral feedscrew feeding a rotary vane pump at a 200 Lbs/Min rate. Due to the plant floor layout, the PumpFeeder was customized to expand the hopper capacity while minimizing the overall footprint. 

The Pump Feeder is a versatile surge solution that can fit many applications where efficiency and automation are top priorities in the system.

Pump Feeder application customization includes:

  • Single or dual agitators
  • Heating or cooling jackets
  • Insulation and cladding
  • Vacuum construction system
  • Cover options: split, rear or side hinge, and slide
  • Variable speed drives
  • Load cells or product-level sensors        
  • Electropolished interior finish
  • CIP seal assemblies, spray balls
  • Available with a variety of commercially available pumps
  • Customized to meet your product, space, surge, and throughput demands

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