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Automatic Chub Feeder

The PosiFlo Automatic Chub Feeder can be integrated with a variety of chub packaging systems. By providing a consistent volume and continuous, efficient flow; the PosiFlo delivers even pressures with limited shear and temperature rise. From the first chub to the last, product weights and quality are maintained throughout the batch.

With optional pump sizes, the PosiFlo covers a broad range of production rates available to meet a variety of application challenges.

  • Sanitary Design: Open Frame, stainless motors and pump
  • Safety Grating: Eliminates the reach-in / fall-in hazard
  • Finish: Electropolished food contact surfaces resist adhesion
  • Pump Options: High and low capacity positive displacement
  • Sanitary Seals: Quick release shaft seal for easy access
  • Pump Mount: Swing away pump base for easy access
  • Pump Transition: Inline orientation reduces smear and temperature rise
  • Pressure Transducer: Provides automatic pressure sensing adjustment to ensure consistency
  • Leveling Ribbon: Eliminates bridging and recycling of product


What are the sizes of the PosiFlo?

The standard PosiFlo has a hopper of 48” x 56”, with a capacity of 28 FT3. Other models available with production rates: PF1 – 2000 – 7500 lbs/hr, PF2 – 7500 – 15000 lbs/hr, and PF3 – 15,000 – 36,000 lbs/hr.

Can the PosiFlo have heating or cooling jackets?

ASME thermal jackets are available on pumping systems. In addition, thermal screws are available with the application calls for holding temperature.

What auger sizes and configurations are available?

Common sizes are 9” and 12” diameter, but are available in many sizes depending on the needs of the application. The pitches can be 1 or 2 full pitch, half pitch or variable.

How do the auger(s) maintain the proper inlet pressure to the pump?

A pressure transducer is mounted on the transition between the augers and the pump that constantly analyses the pressure. As the pump increases or decreases, the pressure transducers tells the auger(s) to speed up or slow down to maintain the desired NIPR.

Can I put load cells on a PosiFlow?

Load cells can be used in PosiFlo systems, if reliable flexibility is designed into the attached pumping and outlet.

What is the leveling ribbon used for?

Leveling ribbons are used in applications where the product has a tendency to bridge. Their use keep the PosiFlo fully primed and fully distributed.

My PosiFlow cavitates. How can I get a consistent flow?

Cavitation occurs when the pump is not properly primed by the auger(s) that are feeding it. The positive displacement pump is the pacing item for the system; so simply adjust the controls to set the pump for the desired capacity and then dial the augers in to balance the flow.

Once the hopper is empty, how do you get the lines cleaned?

To evacuate the product out of the line, blow the line with compressed air or use a PIG system.