Since 1932, the Mepaco’s meat processing equipment continues to serve a large national and international meat and poultry market with a focus on delivering improved yields with equipment designs that outperform rigorous sanitation practices. We supply standard equipment and entire systems that include grinding, cooking and freezing operations.

As a member of NAMI (North American Meat Institute), Mepaco communicates with meat industry leaders about production, safety and sanitation issues facing meat processors. Mepaco is also a member of MISA, (Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance) as part of FPSA (Food Processors Suppliers Association).

Mepaco’s equipment is built to USDA regulatory compliance and FSMA guidelines. We offer in-house finishing services that include passivation, pickle passivation and electropolishing for the highest bacterial resistant finish available.

Mepaco’s meat handling equipment includes:

  • Grinding and blending systems
  • Industrial Cookers / Thermal Processing
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Screw conveyors and elevators
  • Sanitary Belt Conveyors
  • Pumping and stuffing solutions
  • Screw Auger Carts, Hoppers
  • Integrated systems

Mepaco has been a long-time member of FPSA (Food Processors Suppliers Association) and is active in NAMI (North American Meat Institute). Mepaco is also a member of PMMI (Packaging and Processing Machinery Manufacturers Institute).