Fruits & Vegetables

Mepaco’s equipment products are diverse and serve a variety of food processing industries. Systems are designed specifically for the application. Mepaco has provided equipment solutions for fruits and vegetables throughout many stages of production, including cooking, mixing, sautéing, blending and juicing, as well as systems from fresh to IQF (instant quick frozen) processes.

Our processing equipment expertise for handling fruits and vegetables include:

  • Industrial Mixer Blenders
  • Thermablend Industrial Cookers
  • Hopper / Screw Auger systems
  • Screw Conveyors for Material Handling
  • Dumpers, Lifts and Sanitary Belt Conveyors

Mepaco has been a long-time member of FPSA (Food Processors Suppliers Association) and is also a member of PMMI (Packaging and Processing Machinery Manufacturers Institute).