Food Processing Equipment Tests Prove-Out the Most Efficient Production Efficiencies

Mepaco, the food processing group of Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation, has
three cookers available for testing as a courtesy to customers.

  • A 50 gal single agitated ThermaBlend Cooker
  • A 75 gal double agitated ThermaBlend Cooker
  • A small continuous cooker

The ThermaBlend “batch” Cooker offers a superior thermal
processing solution with excellent cooking, cooling and blending characteristics. It is
engineered for long lasting service for large-scale cooking applications.

The Continuous Cooker is used where batch cooking is not applicable. The equipment
offers a variety of processing options, including the use of steam, water and oil cooking

In utilizing the test cookers, Mepaco can conduct time studies and prove-out
product integrity and production efficiencies. Mepaco uses the data to determine adjustment
to horsepower, BTU’s, number of injectors and other performance criteria. The test
results are scalable to maximize the efficiency of a larger system.

There is no cost to use our test unit. Customers typically pay for freight and
replacement of parts in the event of loss or damage. If a technician is required, Mepaco
simply asks for travel/lodging expenses for that service person.

For more information on
ThermaBlend unit, click here!

For more information on the Continuous Cooker, click here!

Contact the sales support person in your area to inquire about using a test unit.