Maintenance and Sanitation Benefits of the Mepaco Pump Feeder

Maintenance and Sanitation Benefits of the Mepaco® Pump Feeder

Attendees appreciate seeing equipment at trade shows and talking to application engineers to research solutions. Mepaco® had a DP3000 Dumper, and a 3000 K Pump Feeder set up at a past show, and recent inquiries have warranted a video repost of Pump Feeder maintenance features.

The video demonstrates Pump Feeder design conditions for a high-level sanitary design and ease of maintenance unit.

Stainless Motors

Sanitation is tough on equipment with caustic chemicals spraying up to 1000psi. Encapsulated stainless components are very effective in harsh sanitation environments.

Access Panel

The access panel allows sanitation and inspection of the augers.

Swing Away Pump

Also, for sanitation and inspection, the swing away pump provides quick maintenance access.

Quick Release Seals

Tool-less quick-release seals provide easy access for seal replacement, maintenance, and sanitation.

Platform Sanitread Access

All stainless Sanitread decking provides excellent drainage for sanitation and has a safety grip built into the design.

Electropolished Safety Grating

The safety grating with an access gate was also electropolished. The customer requested a highly sanitary finish on the safety grating and internal food contact surfaces.

Electropolished Food Contact Surface

Electropolished food contact surfaces allow for aggressive sanitation, and with the least microbial food attachment of all food surfaces, electropolished surfaces reduce sanitation time.

Pump Feeders eliminate the need for batching by automating product transfers between production processes.

Mepaco® has engineered Pump Feeders in many configurations and designs. A versatile buffer and surge solution, Pump Feeders are designed specifically for the application and parameters of the food process.

Applications include:

  • Prepared Foods
  • Course Ground or Emulsified Meats
  • Block, Ground or Processed Cheeses
  • Various types of Dough
  • Butter or Shortening
  • Pastes and pates
  • Mechanically Deboned Meats
  • Pet Food Processing Formulations

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