Quick Upgrades that Increase Production Right Now

1. Pull more out of your grinder

Ask your grinder experts about an upgrade kit to address a different plate
configuration to increase throughput.  

If you do not have a level sensor, contact your controls partner to add controls to
turn off the grinder before it runs dry. A continuous flow of meat product will keep the
plates and blades lubricated – required for best performance.

Keep the pins, bushings, heads, and knives in well maintained condition.

2. Tune your system

Schedule an audit to tighten up your process. Look to remove 15 – 20 seconds from
all inefficient processes. 

Consider VFD motors at different speeds to improve production flow.

3. Address small issues before they become a big downtime

With production at or near max or a lack of production staff, preventative
maintenance may not be consistent. Operators need to allow time to address small maintenance
issues. Rushing to close a safety grate that slams on the equipment causing welds to break,
or not reporting wear of critical parts can lead to significant downtime.

If there is a repair needed on a piece of equipment, the best advice to ramp-up
production is to have long-lead item parts on hand. Agitators that are custom fabricated can
take up to eight weeks for delivery. Cylinders, motors, gearmotors and gearboxes are all
long-lead items that can take up to 2 – 5 weeks for delivery.

Call Mepaco Parts and Field Services if you need support with these upgrades at