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Sanitary Belt Conveyors

Sanitary belt conveyor designs are manufactured to withstand extreme and rigorous sanitation processes. Our experience includes CIP (clean-in-place) designs for flexibility to access the framework for effective and efficient sanitation. COP (clean out-of place) designs are also available where components are completely and easily removable for bath wash processes.

Sanitary Belt Conveyors

Mepaco offers a pre-engineered conveyor design with removable components. This standard offering provides processing industry customers with greater flexibility with line layouts, efficient engineering turnaround and competitive price points compared to custom designed solutions.

Custom Sanitary Belt Conveyors are also available and are designed for the application. Mepaco has manufactured customized systems to include:

  • Flighted sanitary belt conveyors
  • Metered conveyor systems
  • Bulk handling conveyors
  • Sanitary belt trough conveyors
  • Conveyor systems integrated with special equipment such as metal detectors



What are the industries where belt conveyors can be used?

Dairy, bakery, meat, processed foods, ready-to-eat (RTE)

What styles of conveyor are offered?

We have experience with trough, flat top, flighted incline, flighted scoop, incline and standard designs.

What type of frame construction is available?

Tubular or angled, depending on customer requirements.

What standard conveyor widths are offered?

24", 30" and 36"

What type of belting is available?

Homogeneous (blue or white) belting and modular plastic belt.

Is 3A compliance offered?

Mepaco's systems are built to 3A compliance with 3rd party approval.

What are the sanitation options?

We offer a range of custom sanitation features including: removable rails, belt lifters, CIP (clean-in place) designs), spray ball systems, drip pans, tent covers, lift up idle ends, removable wear-strips and clean out holes.

What types of material finishes are available?

We offer No. 4, Bead Blast, Passivated and Electropolished finishes.

What type of drive is standard?

A shaft mounted Nord is standard; other manufacturers and styles are available as required by the application.

What conveyor supports are available?

We offer fixed leg, portable supports with casters and ceiling hung designs, using tubular or angled construction.

Why is my belt skipping?

Make sure the underside of the belt is clean and that there is proper belt engagement to the sprocket.

What do I do if the belt is not tracking?

Make sure belt is engaged with sprocket or pulley and make sure product is fed on the center of the belt.

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