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Screw Auger Conveyors

Mepaco screw conveyors and surge loaders are built to your product handling specifications, with your choice of fixed or variable speed and electro-mechanical or hydraulic drive systems.

Screw Auger Elevator

Horizontal and inclined models are available with a 4” to 48” diameter. Mepaco inclined screw conveyors feature full, 1/3, 1/2 or variable pitch.

Experience increased yields with our Clean Sweep surge loaders on either fresh or frozen products, uniquely designed to eliminate dead areas where trim and ground products collect.



What types of material finishes are available?

We offer No. 4, bead blast, passivated and electropolished finishes.

What do I need to know to specify a screw conveyor system?

Bulk density, surge or instant throughput requirement, infer and discharge elevation

What is the range of screw diameters available?

From 4" to 20" diameter

What hopper sizes are available?

Mepaco has made hoppers from 100 lb. to 8000 lb. capacity.

What hopper styles are available?

Gravity fed, cone, or clean sweep hopper with separate agitator.

What supports are available?

We offer fixed leg and portable supports with casters using tubular or angled construction.

What thermal solutions are available?

We offer heating and cooling through jacketed or insulated options.

What safety options are available?

We offer full length safety grating, including hopper.

What drive styles are available?

Flange mount or torque arm, chain and sprocket or discharge driven.

Where are the drives mounted?

At the indeed or at the discharge.

Can you provide a reversing screw?

Yes, we can design a reversing screw depending on the application.

Do you offer self-clearing hopper?


Mepaco's Clean Sweep Surge Loader offers a solution that mechanically clears food product between batches on surge loading applications.


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