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Mepaco Parts Status Update

Updated 3-26-20

There are no major disruptions in our supply chain, but here is a status update with a breakdown of lead times and also recommendations for inventory.


Disharge Seals
Door Gaskets
Seal Housing
Air Seal Kits
Cover Gaskets
Discharge Bearings
Safety Switches

*Most common spare parts are in-stock, but uncommon parts have a lead time of 2 - 3 weeks.


Agitators  8 - 10 weeks 
 Part Factory Paint / Unpainted    Washdown Paint
 Cylinders 4-5 weeks 7-9 weeks
 Motors 1-3 weeks 5-8 weeks
 Gear Motors    2-3 weeks 5-8 weeks
 Gearboxes 2-3 weeks 5-8 weeks


We are working with required distancing and sanitation to help our customers maintain their production schedule. Our parts and service specialists are on stand-by to support you.

Contact or call 920-356-7347.

Meat and Food Processing Industry Resources for Coronavirus


We want to share Coronavirus information from industry resources and associations:

Mepaco is working on parts and service strategies, and communications, to help processors keep down-time to a minimum.

We appreciate the long hours and resource challenges by all in the meat and food processing industries and professionals who are dedicated to supplying the country during this time.

With sanitation and distancing policies in place, we are fully staffed and our experts are available to answer service and support questions.

Contact Parts & Service
Contact Sales Support


Why Choose Mepaco for Replacement Parts and Service

Here are the top three reasons why spare and replacement parts should be purchased from Mepaco, your equipment supplier.

  1. Quality and accuracy.  While spare parts can often be found from all types of online and catalog suppliers, will they be the quality parts needed to function properly in Mepaco equipment? Parts ordered from Mepaco are accurate to that specific piece of equipment that will provide optimal performance in your equipment.
  2. Support. Mepaco's parts and service department have years of industry and field experience to support your maintenance team for questions, training or service.
  3. Relationship. Parts managers have a relationship with Mepaco's parts and service department.   We can help to answer your questions and provide preventative maintenance parts and make recommendations on long lead time parts.  We work with our customers to meet their timelines and minimize downtime.

Download Mepaco's Field Service Flyer!

New Mepaco Video Channel – grab the popcorn!


With so many videos and animations added to the website, we have created a video channel just for Mepaco systems and equipment.  Among the new videos are:

  • An animation of a New Mixing System for the Prepared Foods Industry
  • An EZL Pallet Lift Demonstration
  • A Plant Walk-Through of a Meat Processing Line
  • An Articulating Screw Elevator Demonstration and Animation

Visit the channel and check out the new videos!


“This is What I Make” Video in the Mepaco group


The Apache Corporation and the Mepaco group work continuously in the manufacturing community to promote careers in manufacturing. In honor of Manufacturing Month, we are sharing a new video on the making of Mepaco stairs and platform.

A new video series, “This is What I Make”, features fabricators who have volunteered to put their work on video to educate youth and prospects how Apache’s equipment is made and the tasks involved in the process. In the video, Matt demonstrates reading engineering drawings, measuring to verify tolerances, welding and grinding in order to fabricate a stairs and platform that food plant customers use to maintain tall equipment at a safe level.

Apache is planning on making a video for each product segment to demonstrate the job duties in making our custom products.

These manufacturing career videos will be available on Mepaco’s website, social media and workforce partnering websites.

For more information and videos, visit


Our Blog Has Moved!
Open shipping box with the letters B L O G perched on packing peanuts

The MEPACO BLOG has moved to its new location on the Mepaco website.

Our blog is published a couple times per month. We keep the blog very brief, educational and informational. 

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