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Ask the Experts-At Process Expo-the Pump Feeder


It was great to be able to display this customized Pump Feeder at Process Expo - Chicago.

This video is one of several in an "Ask the Expert" series that highlights show equipment. 

 In this video, Cory Buchholz does a walk-though of the Pump Feeder which is part of a system display with the DP3000 Dumper.

Controls Showcased at Process Expo


At the Process Expo, we had a chance to showcase our electrical controls capabilities on the PosiFlo Automatic Chub Loader. In the video, Jason Hicks demonstrates the HMI (Human Machine Interface) capabilities programmed into the pumping system.

In the demo, there are monitoring devices that measure and correct product level, pumping pressure, loading efficiencies and speeds. The monitoring devices talk to the controls program to adjust pumping speeds to meet the requirements of the equipment being fed by the PosiFlo. Downstream and upstream production is monitored through the program to allow for automatic operation and timing.  Another feature is the safety switches which will automatically flag and stop the system if the gates, or pump access are opened. For maintenance and safety, we also monitor the local motor disconnect positions.

On the PosiFlo, Allen Bradley products are featured. However, the components used in our Controls packages are flexible to customer requirements.

There is also an option for remote secured connection which allows for isolated/firewalled connection to Mepaco's equipment for remote support and assistance.

Controls and interfaces are available on all Mepaco equipment and systems.



A Tour of the New PosiFlo Automatic Chub Feeder


The PosiFLo is on display at the Process Expo. A new solution for loading chub machines, the PosiFlo is an automatic chub loader system that can be integrated with most types of chub forming machines.


In the video, Tom Hoffmann gives a tour of the features and many benefits of the equipment.  It was engineered with a pump design that improves product consistency and flow to chub forming equipment. With modifiable sizes and speeds available, the PosiFlo solves for increased chub forming production and efficiencies in maintenance and sanitation.


Download the PosiFlo Brochure.

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