Mepaco is now providing customers with the chance to utilize our newly manufactured test cooker in your own facility. The 75-gallon ThermaBlend batch cooker features both direct steam injection and an indirect steam jacket, as well as our unique scraper design, dual ribbon agitators, vacuum construction, and electropolished product contact surfaces.

Mepaco Test Cooker Control System:

  • System Overview
    • Status Monitoring
    • Alarm Indication and History
  • Mixing/Blending/Cooking/Vacuumizing
    • Alternating mixing
    • Modulated Steam Jacket
    • Cooking to Temperature
    • Cooking at Temperature for Time
    • Pull Vacuum on product
  • Recipe Storage
    • Up to 30 recipes
    • Temperature setpoints
    • Speed setpoints
    • Mixing directions
  • Rockwell Control System Components
    • PanelView Plus HMI
    • CompactLogix PLC
    • Power Flex 525 VFDs
  • Category 3 Safety Control Architecture

The equipment will be featured at Process Expo in Chicago (November 2-5) and will then be available for customer trials. Contact a member of the Mepaco team to schedule testing in your facility.