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Apache and the Mepaco group have a dedicated department of field service professionals. Production uptime is our top priority to help customers with commissioning, ramp-up, maintenance, repair and emergency breakdown support.

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The Mepaco Team understands how valuable production uptime is to your company’s bottom line. We are evolving our service team to provide quick response commissioning, ramp-up, maintenance, repair and emergency breakdown support.

Mepaco has a large department of technicians and engineers as well as dedicated field service professionals. Depending on scope of the work, Mepaco field service support may include:

  • Project Coordinator
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Supervisor
  • Mechanical Laborer
  • Field Service Technician

To help you stay satisfied, we provide experienced and proficient industry technicians and engineering support to perform services, including:

  • Remote support via phone, e-mail or web conference
  • Field repair, service, parts recommendations, troubleshooting
  • Start-up and commissioning services
  • Operations and maintenance training
  • Maintenance diagnosis and identification of spare parts needed
  • Audits and service contracts available



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Can I schedule onsite time for my equipment?

Onsite training is available for both new and existing equipment. From structured classroom type training to hands on, operation and maintenance procedures are covered.

Do you offer machine and equipment audits?

A comprehensive review of your Mepaco equipment is recommended periodically. Our field service technician will completely analyze your equipment for operational, maintenance and process metrics. A complete findings and recommendation report will be provided.

Why do I need OEM service for my Mepaco Equipment

Our field technicians are fully trained on all aspects of Mepaco food processing equipment. Repairs, retrofits and preventative maintenance are conducted and completed in a timely manner. Since we know the design mechanics of our equipment, field service jobs are done right…the first time around.

Do you recommend we have spare parts on hand?

While we use some of the best components made, parts do wear out. For critical components, we recommend a reserve supply at your production facility. Since our parts department stocks thousands of SKU’s, we do offer expedited delivery service for parts that you may not have onsite.

How quickly can we get a gearmotor?

While most gearmotors are machine specific, we can expedite the shipment, so downtime is limited.

Do you have a manual for my equipment?

In the header of this website, go to Manual Access and fill out the form so we can set up an account for you and your company.  We provide a general manual for each piece of equipment in our product line, to include options and configurations. We also provide parts drawings, parts lists and any supporting documentation for each piece of equipment purchased, in your company / city folder.

Does the field service group work on non-Mepaco equipment?

Some field service work can be very similar to Mepaco equipment. Mepaco’s field service manager will carefully review the scope of the work to be done and assess which service work is feasible.

What hours are the Mepaco field service team available?

Mepaco Field Services Techs are available 365 days/year 24/7. If there is a critical issue, Mepaco will work with your company to schedule and provide service to keep downtime as short as possible.

How long does it take for a service call?

Typically, our service team can work in a call in as little as a few days with the maximum wait time at a week.

Does Mepaco provide electrical and programming support?

Yes, Mepaco has skilled electrical controls experts for installation, trainings, upgrade and service work.

What is the price and availability of my part?

While we have a stock room of replacement parts, some equipment may be custom designed and require a part to be manufactured. Call the Parts Manager to verify the price and availability on the part you require.