10 Food Processing Equipment Designs that Drive Safety


  1. Safety guarding is recommended on equipment like the dumper shown in the
    animation.  Relays control the e-stop position and if personnel trips the switch, the
    equipment will cease operation.
  2. This PRS (Pallet Retention System) shown on a DP3000 Dumper, and
    allows the combo to complete the dump cycle by separating from the pallet, limiting the
    potential for contamination.
  3. A liner hold-down prevents the liner from separating from the combo and falling
    into the hopper.
  4. A drop-tier conveyor can be included in system layouts to provide visual
    inspection of the food product.
  5. The articulating screw conveyor is designed to pivot to allow for versatile
    production and lower for maintenance.
  6. Custom stainless and passivated platforms provide personnel safety and easy access
    for sanitation.
  7. Electropolished food contact surfaces guard against bacterial attachment and
    create sanitation efficiencies.
  8. Tool-less quick-release seals provide quick access for maintenance and
  9. Durable food safe coating on equipment components resists corrosion in harsh
  10. Type 304 or 316 stainless construction is a best practice for equipment designs
    using either open-frame construction with exposed threads or tube frame designs with
    non-exposed threads.
That’s our top 10 safety best practice call-outs for this system, learn more at