Tech Tip: Troubleshooting Vacuum

The effects of a vacuum leak can be subtle. The Mepaco equipment may appear to be
holding a vacuum, yet a small leak, especially in the feed pump, will affect the performance
of the machine.


Look for these symptoms:

  • Air bubbles in finished product
  • Reduced product output rate
  • Loss of vacuum in deaeration chamber


General Troubleshooting:

  • Make sure top cover gasket is seated firmly and the lid is coming in contact with
    the gasket evenly.
  • Make sure to use the original thickness gasket. Each machine is engineered for a
    specific lid gasket. Use of a thicker or thinner gasket can cause  uneven
  • Welding on any portion of the lid, hinges or sidewall of the unit can cause
    warping and create an uneven lid seal.
  • Ensure that valves are holding vacuum.
  • Ensure that vacuum hose fittings are tightly seated in their
  • Do not use heat on fittings. Use of heat to expand the vacuum hose to remove and
    install fittings will eventually lead to a poor fit between the vacuum hose and vacuum
  • Make sure seal is in good condition and replace if worn. Look for excessive wear
    between the shaft and shaft seal. If the shaft is excessively worn, consult Mepaco Field
    Services for options.
  • Check to see if the fitting leaks and fix with a compound if necessary.
  • View ports not correctly closed and replace or tighten.
  • Check to see if cylinders are out of adjustment.
  • Make sure the feed pump is correctly mounted.


Mepaco equipment available with vacuum are Vacuum Stuffers, Thermablend Cookers and
Mixer Blenders. If the cause cannot be determined, please call Field Services at
920-356-7334 for further assistance.