Clean-Sweep Surge Loader System Modified for Food Product Flexibility

Clean Sweep Loader System

This surge loader was engineered to accept up to 4000 lbs. of bulk food product
with metered delivery to downstream operations. In this design, the hopper is offset from
the discharge screw, which allows a “clean sweep” of the agitator
against the hopper preventing product bridging. During the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test),
99% of the product was discharged.

The standard Clean-Sweep Surge Loader system was modified to include load cells,
contoured auger covers and electropolished internal surfaces. These options provided the
customer with efficiencies that met their production goals and floor layout requirements.
The system was used to meter IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) meats and vegetables to
downstream processes.

The system equipment will be controlled to meter the product depending on the
recipe and demand from downstream processes.

The internal surfaces on the surge loader and the dumper were electropolished. The
customer made the investment in the highly sanitary finish to increase sanitation
efficiencies and to reduce risk of bacterial attachment.

Contoured covers were also used on the auger screw conveyor, which allowed for an
increased incline angle and minimized footprint. The contoured covers allow for a full 360
degree wrap around the discharge auger assuring positive product flow.

Safety features include safety grating over the hopper and the discharge auger for
safe maintenance and sanitation processes. The discharge auger drive assembly includes a
coupler that allows for safe and easy maintenance for gearbox or auger

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