Food Product Bulk Dumper Equipment Customized for Extreme Sanitation Protocols

Sanitary Dumper Equipment

Designed and manufactured by Mepaco, this pivot dumper has a high load infeed
because of the dump elevation and limited ceiling height available at the
customer’s food processing facility. This dumper features a pneumatic combo hold
down, with options for additional sanitary surfaces to meet the demands of the caustic and
aggressive cleaning procedures.

Due to the high load height, the pneumatic hold-down option allows the customer to
use multiple combo/tote sizes in which their IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) products are
supplied, without the need for manual adjustment. During the dumping process, the pneumatic
hold-down prevents the combo and the liner from falling into the surge loader.

The customer opted for a stainless reservoir tank. Traditionally flat surfaces were
redesigned with a pitch to allow water drainage. The top of the reservoir was also pitched
to allow drainage.

The application called for all stainless steel piping and non-corroding fittings
with a minimum amount of flexible hoses. These upgrades shorten the time to clean equipment
between recipe production changes.

All product contact surfaces were electropolished for the greatest resistance to
bacterial attachment and the most durable surface for caustic sanitation.

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