Screw Conveyor Solves for Fast Cooling While Inclining Bulk Product

Screw Conveyor Elevator System

Mepaco engineers a solution for metering cooked product to an elevated position
while continuously reducing product temperature. This screw conveyor system is equipped with
CO2 snow horns and exhaust and can regulate the flow to maintain optimum displacement and
temperature control. Having the ability to remove energy during product transfer helps to
increase production efficiencies.

Mepaco screw conveyors and surge loaders are built to handle various applications.
Both horizontal and inclined screw assemblies are available from a 4” to
48” diameter and can be designed with full, 1/3, 1/2 or variable pitch auger

Consistent with all Mepaco equipment, our screws and surge loaders adhere to the
stringent sanitary design and safety design principles.