Doubling Cook Batches without Doubling Footprint



This featured system doubled cooking batches within a minimal footprint used
well-planned equipment selection, floor layout, and controls customization. Mepaco®’s
cooking system featured side-by-side ThermaBlend® cookers, with a shared maintenance and
sanitation platform.  

The multi-recipe prepared foods processor benefited from flexibility in production
scenarios. The system can run two batches at once, staggered, or different batches in each
cooker, all driven by production demand and recipe controls.

The ThermaBlend®
supports quick homogeneous batch turn for their multi-recipe production
requirements. The wrap-around heat jacket design, bi-directional scraper system, and an
application-specific agitator create cooking and blending efficiencies. 

Further efficiencies of the ThermaBlend® cooker include the variation of processing
capabilities in one unit, such as cooking, searing, caramelizing, sautéing, and blending. A
versatile unit, ThermaBlend®’s is designed for large-scale cooking operations. Customization
such as integrating vacuum and cooling, also provides added efficiency.

The batches are discharged into a heated buffering mixer that maintains product
temperature and consistency until signaled for release to downstream operations.

The opposite cover design on the dual cookers with the shared platform and the
electropolished food contact surfaces create a high degree of sanitation


The system is highly controlled and reliable. Mepaco’s ThermaBlend®’s are
engineered with extremely robust stay-bolt ASME-rated jackets. Cookers are customized to the application,
including experienced agitator designs to meet rigorous production requirements.

Two column dumpers are used to add ingredients to two ThermaBlend®
cookers.  The Mepaco® Column Dumper offers a very heavy-duty design and is engineered for
maintenance ease.  Mepaco® often makes modifications depending on the application, such as
column heights, dump angles to 60 degrees, dumper capacity, extended chutes, and stainless
upgrade kit.

Mepaco® has a new test
for processors with new products or recipes requiring cooking and blending.
The test cooker is a 75-gallon ThermaBlend® unit with steam injection, vacuum, pneumatic
covers and doors, and dual ribbon agitators. Learn more about scheduling a

The Mepaco® brand has been around for a long time. The company began in 1932, and
we are well known for our blending systems. Mepaco®’s team of long-standing technical sales
managers, engineers, and project leaders work with customer teams to solve for the best
solution that fits the application and production goals. Our equipment and systems uphold
increased yield performance, optimal designs for ease of maintenance and operation,
single-source manufacturing capabilities, the highest sanitary equipment finishes available
and vigilant compliance of food safety criteria.