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Industrial Column Dumper CD1000

The CD1000 (column dumper) is constructed from T304 stainless steel with a pickle passivated finished. It is designed for USDA approval.

Industrial Column Dumper

The CD1000 Dumper features:

  • Completely wired motor starter in NEMA 4 enclosure
  • .5 HP brake-motor
  • Up, down and stop buttons
  • Lock-out/tag-out equipped
  • Three (3) proximity switches
  • E-stop
  • Working capacity is 600 lbs.
  • Column height 120"
  • Discharge height 60 - 96"



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  • Portable Column Dumper Solves for Flexible Production Posted 2 years ago
    There are multiple reasons to use a portable dumper equipment solution. Processors with quick turn batches and reoccurring recipe changes benefit from a portable dumper to use in multiple production areas. Some processors prefer to move equipment to designated sanitation areas. Also, the column dumper must be portable and move out of the way for mixers that require clearance for tipping hoppers to unload. Another feature on the column dumper is an extended chute integrated with a 60-degree dump angle. The extended chute covers the gap between the column dumper and the mixer when the components prevent a close fit. This processor utilized a 60-degree dump angle because the application required that every particulate was added to the batch. Personnel guarding featured on this column dumper is designed for visibility and access with safety relays that provide safe fork truck access. Reliably Built Standard Features: 10-ga stainless on 120” dump heights, 7-ga stainless on 144” column heights Full penetration welds Built-in safety features including (3) proximity switches, e-stop Completely wired motor starter in NEMA 4X enclosure Minimum maintenance on broken motor, chain, bearings, and proxy switches   Processors should ...
  • Column Dumpers - Featuring 60 degree dump angle Posted 3 years ago
    Processors should be able to focus on critical operations and not have to worry about auxiliary equipment. That's what Mepaco's CD1000 Column Dumper delivers; a Column Dumper that is heavily built, engineered for easy maintenance, built to strict sanitary design standards, and like our processing equipment solutions, modifiable to meet specific production requirements. The animation features a new option in Mepaco's Column Dumper, a 60 degree dump angle for applications where every particulate must be added to the batch. For more information, download our Column Dumper Flyer.
  • Proper Operational Procedures Improves Dumper Performance Posted 5 years ago
    Depending on the complexity of the equipment and controls, there are a few options for production personnel to learn how to operate the equipment. The manual explains the operation of the equipment and its components. The customer can visit Apache for training and testing or contract with Mepaco Field Services for on-site training. In one example, the production staff did not understand how to operate the HD3000 Dumper, causing the carriage to bind-up where cylinders weren't lifting in tandem. The issue was caused by incorrect operation. Due to the operational configuration of the hydraulic cylinders, the HD300 dumper must be fully cycled (complete cylinder extension and retraction) each time it is used. The production staff was not fully retracting the dumper leaving the carriage 12 - 18" off the ground. This allowed the cylinders to start up unevenly and compounded if the staff did not fully extend the dumper. This caused the dumper carriage to misalign and bind against the dumper frame. Once the carriage binds against the frame the only way to safely correct the situation is to lock out the hydraulic ...
  • New Video: Mepaco Dumper Equipment Configurations Posted 6 years ago
    Mepaco offers a range of dumper configurations that are customized for specific applications in food manufacturing environments. Column Dumper CD1000  The Column Dumper CD1000 is designed for buggies with a standard working capacity up to 600 lbs. High Dumper HD3000 The HD3000 has a 3000 lb. capacity with a high discharge height specification. Lift Dumper LD3000  The LD3000 Lift and Dump equipment provides the  highest discharge height of all Mepaco dumpers. Pivot Dumper DP3000  The DP3000 (Pivot Dumper) is constructed from T304 Stainless Steel material and is a USDA approved design. Dumper Equipment Options Pallet Retention System Liner Hold Down Safety Guarding Stainless Components Elevated Load Height Configurations Hydraulic Power-Pack (painted mild steel or stainless) cover Alternative Shoot Designs Custom Carriages DOWNLOAD DUMPER EQUIPMENT BROCHURE
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What models are available?

We manufacture a 120" columns with an 8 ft. dump heights and a 140" column with a 10 ft. dump height.

What is the capacity of column dumpers?

Column dumpers have a 600 lb. capacity, for use with standard 400 lb. and 600 lb. buggies.

Can Mepaco handle greater capacities on 600 lbs. on column dumpers?

Mepaco has manufactured column dumpers handling 1000 lbs. Consult your sales manager for application support.

What are loading options on column dumpers?

We have 400 and 600 meat buggy attachment and also a barrel attachment.

Do you have a portable option?


Are controls provided with the column dumper?

Yes, integrally mounted controls are standard with lockable motor disconnect.

What are the safety features on a column dumper?

The column dumper is lock-out/tag-out and estop equipped. The chain and moving components are housed inside the enclosed frame. The brake motor locks buggies in the event of a fault. Parameter guarding is optional.

What are the loading options?

A pivot shelf (lift and tilt) is available for frozen block applications.

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