Drain Plug Protector is a little innovation that solves big problems

The night shift has completed their work and the sanitation team begins flooding
the process room with cleaning chemicals, water and spray to soak and sanitize every nook
and cranny.  And what often gets blasted away? The drain plug often goes
missing.  Sometimes the cleaning crew doesn’t even know it went down the
drain.  Sometimes the production staff starting up the next shift also
doesn’t know it is missing.

Many food processing people have a similar story, so Mepaco invented a tool-less
self-containing plug that is impossible to lose and easy to appreciate.

Mepaco’s plug ejects far enough to release the waste, but is restrained
against a solid welded restrictive barrier that holds the plug in line, without limiting
performance, or enabling escape.  

Other plug designs don’t hold up to rigorous cleaning and
aren’t designed to prevent the harboring of bacteria.  While sanitation
teams want easy to clean solutions that will pass inspection, production wants efficiency
with no loss of product.  Losing plugs are no longer a concern with these
self-containing plugs.