How to Plan for Mixer Blender Parts – Infographic

Mepaco Mixer Blenders are common equipment in food processing lines.  Are the replacement parts organized properly to get the most out of your maintenance program for optimum performance?

In the infographic, DARK RED signifies a part that will cause an emergency break down which will include lost product. TAN indicates parts that require a long lead time either because of custom fabrication or it may be a special order item. RED stands for preventative maintenance items that should be on hand for daily maintenance schedules.  Finally, GREY identifies parts that are recommended spares depending on the use of the equipment.

Mepaco’s Mixer Blenders are engineered to specific application parameters. These industrial mixing solutions provide blend accuracy, sanitation efficiencies, and proven safety features, which is why Mepaco’s Mixers offer a low total cost of ownership.

The Mixers are ruggedly engineered for long-life operation. Make sure you have replacement parts on hand. Currently, there is extended long lead times for agitators, motors, gear boxes, and gear motors.

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