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Industrial Mixer-Blender

Mepaco has significant expertise in designing the best customizable options for mixers, mixer blenders, mixer cookers and buffering mixers, to solve specific production applications. Mixing and buffering equipment solutions have been manufactured to handle delicate food products as well as rapid-mix, viscous food products.

Industrial Mixer Blender

Mixers, Mixer-Cookers, Mixer-Blenders, Buffering Mixers

  • Heavy-Duty 304 or 316 S.S. Construction
  • USDA/FDA Approved
  • Capacities: 50-Pounds to 15,000-Pound Units
  • Agitation Options: Paddle, Overlapping Paddle, Ribbon, Solid Flight
  • Discharge Options: End Discharge, Bottom Discharge, Full-End Discharge, P.D. Pump
  • Finish Options: Bead-Blast, Passivated, 2B, #4 or Electropolishing
  • Flange Mounted Drives
  • Vacuum or Non-Vacuum Operation
  • Temperature Control Options: ASME Dimple Jacketing, Steam Injection, CO2 Injection




Recent Posts

  • [Infographic] Why Mepaco Mixer-Blenders are still in operation after 40 years Posted 3 years ago
    The main reasons that Mepaco Mixers have a legacy in Meat Processing is the Total Cost of Ownership, created by blend accuracy, sanitation efficiencies and proven safety features. The overlapping paddle blender will guarantee a homogeneous blend that reaches ½% deviation in less than 90 seconds of blending, resulting in: More blender turns, which increase overall production rate Reduced breakdown of fat cells that can lead to smearing issues on equipment surfaces and fatting out of the product in downstream processes Yield improvements Mixers are designed to fully discharge contents of each batch which allows for traceability from batch to batch. Electropolished finishes on food contact surfaces creates an ultra-smooth finish that produces efficiencies in sanitation. Equipment designs, safety grates and safety relays prevent staff from reaching into equipment. The robust build and workmanship quality, combined with blend accuracy, safety and sanitation performance is why these Mixers are still in operation after 49 years. Visit Industrial Mixers
  • 5 Common Bottlenecks that Impede System Yield Goals Posted 3 years ago
    Our service techs, engineers and application experts have pinpointed five most-often congested production areas and processes observed in food manufacturing plants: 1. Underperforming grinders Grinders underperform due to dull plates and knives and other worn parts. Adjustment of the HP/RPM/Pitch can be made to increase capacity. If not properly maintained, the pin and bushing will wear on the head of the grinder and over time, will become a throughput issue. The root cause of dull plates and blades is often because the grinder is running dry. The grinder must always be lubricated with product: If the operator looks away for only a few seconds, the blades and plates will be ruined. Some processors use level sensors that shut-off the grinder before it runs dry and is automatically controlled to turn on when the product is running. 2. Over-blending Over-blending product is a waste of production time and efficiencies. Sometimes the blender is overfilled to increase production. The consequences are extended load/discharge and blend cycle times. A slight increase in the batch size leads to losses in the overall production rate with a sacrifice in ...
  • How to Plan for Mixer Blender Parts [Infographic] Posted 5 years ago
    Mepaco Mixer Blenders are common equipment in food processing lines.  Are the replacement parts organized properly to get the most out of your maintenance program for optimum performance? In the infographic, DARK RED signifies a part that will cause an emergency break down which will include lost product. TAN indicates parts that require a long lead time either because of custom fabrication or it may be a special order item. RED stands for preventative maintenance items that should be on hand for daily maintenance schedules.  Finally, GREY identifies parts that are recommended spares depending on the use of the equipment. Mepaco's Mixer Blenders are engineered to specific application parameters. These industrial mixing solutions provide blend accuracy, sanitation efficiencies, and proven safety features, which is why Mepaco's Mixers offer a low total cost of ownership. The Mixers are ruggedly engineered for long-life operation. Make sure you have replacement parts on hand. Currently, there is extended long lead times for agitators, motors, gear boxes, and gear motors. We welcome inquiries about Mepaco equipment maintenance - click here for Field Services Flyer.
  • Large Vacuum Mixer Blender part of Meat Processing and Forming Line Posted 6 years ago
    This 8000 lb. Mixer Blender is equipped with vacuum and CO2 injection, required for downstream forming and packaging operations. Mepaco's Mixer Blenders are engineered to specific application parameters. These industrial mixing solutions are code-stamped and ASME rated, with high-pressure dimple or stay-bolt jackets. Cooling jackets or injection systems, like in this Mixer Blender, are also available with applicable solenoid controls, manifold, injectors and exhaust covers. Designed to produce homogeneous blends quickly and efficiently, Mepaco's Mixer Blenders provide results in increased productivity and yields. This unit has a hatch in the cover for access to sanitation and to manually add ingredients. It also features dual paddle agitation and discharge. The interior was polished to a 32RA and the exterior is passivated. For more information, visit Mepaco's page on Mixer-Blenders.
  • New Animation: Watch Mepaco’s Pre-Blend System for Formulating Ground Meats  Posted 7 years ago
      Designed by the Mepaco group, this system (above video) was engineered to formulate ground meats. It addresses the customer's production goals for speed, flexibility and accuracy with the utmost attention to a safe and sanitary design. In addition, the system provides efficient transfers that reduce transport time and eliminates transfer issues that result in lost yields. Highlighted in the video animation: Our Clean-Sweep surge loader provides added surge to aid in the turn-over of batches while its unique design eliminates product harborage and completely cleans out between batches. The two-tier conveyor belt with integrated metal detector flips the trim for further visual inspection of contaminants. Pivoting drop-down conveyors are designed to pivot between required processes and lower for easier sanitation. Our overlapping paddle mixer-blenders and mixer-grinders provide a quick and accurate blend with minimal temperature rise. The dual pre-blend system is equipped with vacuum sampling capability for testing lean-point for accurate formulation. Visit us at IPPE, Jan. 31 - Feb. 2 B4853 Georgia World Conference Center, Atlanta, Georgia  
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Do you only offer flange-mounted gearboxes?

No, we also offer a chain / sprocket, shaft mount with torque arm gearbox.

What is the easiest way to remove the gearbox from the shaft?

The easiest way is by using a hydraulic porta power and backing plate. Call Apache at 920-356-9900 and ask for Mepaco Service and Technical Support.

What is the effective fill level of a mixer-blender?

The recommended level is from the center of the shaft to the tips of the agitator. Any level less or greater would have a negative impact on blending efficiencies and effectiveness.

Why can't I load the amount of product the unit is rated for?

The mass is determined by product density. We use an estimated density of 50 lbs/ft3 for batch size formulations. For example, a 100 ft3 until will produce a 5000 lb batch. Using this example, if the goal is to produce a 5000 lb batch using a product that is 45 lbs/ft3, we would recommend a 120 ft3 unit that would have a 5400 lb capacity.

Do you have an alternative to the tubular base structure design?

Yes, we can also provide a frame design from angle.

We have a fixed discharge height and low ceilings, what are the options for a low-profile cover?

Our covers can be set up to slide or hinge (side/end hinge).

What options do you have for product sample testing?

Mepaco offers a vacuum sampling mechanism that bring the sample to a container without the need for interrupting the batch process.

Which type of agitator should I use for my application?

On a scale from gentle to aggressive, ribbon agitators are the most gentle on products, followed by paddles and then overlapping paddles. Mepaco's design and engineering team will work out a solution that considers the product, cycle times and process requirements.

How do I test for vacuum?

Check all seals and gaskets. Check that the splice interface on the gasket is at a 45-degree angle and is overlapping. Examine wear on the shaft, valves, vent valve on cover, any ingredient connections and be sure clamps are tight with gaskets in place. Then pull vacuum. The needle should reach approximately 27-29 Hg and not lose more than 2 Hg in five minutes.

What are the CO2 options?

CO2 cooling options include liquid and a liquid/vapor combination. When using liquid CO2, we inject via individual valves for each port. If a liquid / vapor option is used, we include independent valves for liquid and vapor. Note: N2 is another cryogen option available as an alternative to CO2.

What is the effectiveness of snow horns versus CO2 injectors?

Bottom CO2 systems are more efficient than snow horns because less CO2 snow is lost is lost through the CO2 exhaust system. Bottom CO2 injectors are installed so that the product stops the velocity of the injected snow so it is less likely to become entrained in the exhaust air system.

Can I use Mixer Blenders to cook product?

Mixer-Cookers can be designed to heat or cool product through the use of direction injection and / or indirect jacketing.

Can Mepaco design to a specific regulatory code?

Mepaco's mixer can be designed for compliance with 3A, WDA and other sanitary or safety regulatory specifications. Official certifications are available upon request.

How is the sizing determined?

Refer to the chart for weight and volume specifications. This chart is also available on the Brochure tab above.

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