Magnetic Grate: Another Safeguard Against Contaminants

Magnetic grates help to remove ferrous metal contaminants from flowing gravity-fed
product streams in processing equipment.

In the video demonstration, a pen adheres to the magnetic grate, which is part of a
screw elevator system. The grate is also easily cleanable for sanitation with the magnet
constructed inside the stainless tube. The magnetic grate in the screw elevator shown in the
video is hinged and accessible for inspection and manual removal of foreign material and

Grate magnets, suitable for wet or dry food product offer efficient, economical
protection of processing equipment while improving product purity.

Various styles and strengths of magnetic grates are available for Mepaco equipment,
including: Hoppers, Cookers, Mixers, Blenders and Screw Conveyors. They can be utilized on
any piece of equipment that receives free flowing gravity fed food product.

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