Maintenance Audit Discovers Repairs that Decrease Batch Time by 2 Minutes

We received a request for a maintenance audit on a high volume meat processing line
that is a supplier to fast food restaurant chains.  The first round of inspection uncovered
several maintenance issues:

A Pump Feeder motor kept tripping the breaker and caused constant down-time.

The gearbox bearings were bad and was causing excess loading. The gearbox was replaced which
fixed the issue. Reducing down-time for that Pump Feeder.

Mixers on the processing line did not pull sufficient vacuum.

Both mixers had multiple vacuum leaks through cracked welds, worn out seals, incorrect seals
and improperly installed seals The seals were replaces and the cracked welds were repaired
which allowed the unit to pull required vacuum 2 minutes faster, decreasing cycle

Inspection uncovered possible catastrophic failure of the agitators.  

Both mixers had agitators with cracked welds. They were repaired during scheduled

Vacuum Stuffers were underperforming.

Two stuffers in the processing line were underperforming and producing poor quality product
due to lack of vacuum. Both stuffers had worn out pumps that were rebuilt and worn out seals
that were replaced.  These changes gave the processor a 28% increase in throughput out of
the stuffer and better-quality product without air bubbles.

The cost for the maintenance audit, including a detailed report was $2000, plus
travel expenses. The result was savings in energy, down-time, batch turnaround and overall
increased production. This processor in fact, contracts with Mepaco every six months for a
maintenance audit to avoid unplanned delays and to make sure their line is running as
efficiently as possible.

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