Mepaco Parts Status Update: Just-In-Time VS. Just-In-Case

Updated 4/1/21

An uptick in the manufacturing economy, reduction of COVID restrictions, COVID vaccine
availability and the Suez Canal crisis have made material sourcing and parts management

Apache’s material supply in stainless sheet and plate are produced in the United States.
Pipes, fittings, and electrical components are often produced overseas. Further, some
components such as motors and gear boxes may require parts from foreign suppliers to
manufacture their products.

In 2020, many material suppliers and component manufacturers depleted inventory to manage
budget during shutdowns and slow economic conditions.  Now, these businesses are scrambling
with staff and resources to support demand.

Apache is being proactive with all sourcing solutions.  We are working closely to leverage
our relationships and buying power with vendors to manage our sourcing needs.  We are
looking into other supply partners and manufacturers with flexibility and less dependency on
foreign manufacturers.

We do not know when the situation will normalize, but we can offer our expertise and advise.
 If you haven’t done so already, switch from a “Just-In-Time” parts program to a
“Just-In-Case” program.  Make sure you have long lead items in your parts inventory, so you
don’t experience downtime in your critical operations.

Long Lead Time Parts:

  • Agitators
  • Cylinders
  • Motors
  • Gear Motors
  • Gear Boxes

Please note that even short lead time components are at
of delays.

For more information, please contact
or call 920-356-7347.