What NOT to do When an Agitator is Failing

Many processors make their own repairs to
equipment, but in the case of agitators, the repair must be sound to avoid problems in the
future.  Mepaco
technicians are trained and experienced to troubleshoot shaft wear and are
specialists in the repair of stainless steel.  Here is a list of what not to do when making
your own repairs:

  • Do not ignore failing agitator – depending on
    their use of equipment, they need to schedule at least a temporary repair as soon as
    possible. Visit our blog to determine if your agitator is
  • Incorrect weld repairs can cause the agitator to
    bow which causes run out and adds a new stress point in the agitator.  One incorrect weld
    repair may add another stress point in a different
  • Do not ask an inexperienced welder to make
    repairs. And experienced welder is required for agitator repair, there is a process of
    grinding out cracks, and cleaning procedures for proper repair of an
  • Don’t ignore
    straightening of the agitator after repair. It is very important for longer life of the

If you need to make a repair to continue
production, be sure to schedule after care for the agitator.  You need an assessment to make
sure the agitator is straight and that the welds will hold under stress.  We are currently
experiencing long lead times for replacement agitators, so whether it is an
after-event service call or a scheduled audit, it is important to have the agitator checked
out to maintain production up-time.