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Dairy and Cheese Processing Industry

Mepaco has manufactured equipment systems for various stages of cheese production. Our equipment experts work with your production specialists for application specific solutions to meet your production, efficiency and sanitation goals.

Our Dairy processing equipment is built to USDA/Dairy and WDA compliance with ASME certified welding specialists. We also offer a 3A certified bottom discharge cooker. Our finishing capabilities include bead blasting, passivation, pickle passivation and electropolishing for the highest bacterial resistant finish available.

Dairy Processing Equipment

Mepaco’s dairy equipment experience includes:

  • Mixer blender equipment solutions
  • Industrial cooking systems
  • Dumpers, lifts and sanitary belt conveyors
  • Screw auger carts and screw elevators
  • Meat vats and bins
  • Material handling

Mepaco is a long-time member of FPSA (Food Processors Suppliers Association) and PMMI (Packaging and Processing Machinery Manufacturers Institute).



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  • Stainless Meat Vats and Bins Built for Rigorous Use Posted 7 years ago
    Mepaco’s stainless steel vats, buggies and troughs are engineered to endure the rigors of continuous use and abuse that exists in meat and food processing production environments. Each unit is designed to meet or exceed the USDA, BISSC, and AMI standards for sanitary design. Mepaco offers custom stainless steel vats built to the customer’s requirements. Our vats are made of corrosion resistant, heavy gauge 304 or 316 stainless material which provides long lasting durability and strength. We can fabricate totes and vats with large radius “ball” corners for easy and efficient cleaning. We also provide TIG welding on the container interior for ease of cleaning and sanitation compliance. The exterior welds are MIG welded for added strength and stress points are reinforced. Custom stainless Mepaco’s totes are found in the baking, meat, cheese and tobacco processing industries. Stainless Container Types: Stackable vats V-mag buggies Meat tubs Dough Troughs Rolling bins Curing bins Transport and storage containers For more information or to REQUEST A QUOTE ...
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