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Fruits and Vegetables Processing

Mepaco’s equipment products are diverse and serve a variety of food processing industries. Systems are designed specifically for the application. Mepaco has provided equipment solutions for fruits and vegetables throughout many stages of production, including cooking, mixing, sautéing, blending and juicing, as well as systems from fresh to IQF (instant quick frozen) processes.

Fruit/Vegetable Washer

Our processing equipment expertise for handling fruits and vegetables include:

  • Industrial Mixer Blenders
  • Thermablend Industrial Cookers
  • Hopper / Screw Auger systems
  • Screw Conveyors for Material Handling
  • Dumpers, Lifts and Sanitary Belt Conveyors

Mepaco has been a long-time member of FPSA (Food Processors Suppliers Association) and is also a member of PMMI (Packaging and Processing Machinery Manufacturers Institute).



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    In the process of manufacturing fruit pie filling, the ThermaBlend™ first cooks the product to 185°F; then cools it to the proper filling temperature of 75°F. The cook step and the chill step take approximately 30 – 40 minutes each, which is critical to maintaining product integrity and reaching the production goals of this application. While focusing on production, yields and product integrity, the ThermaBlend™ provides an effective solution with key features, including: Dual zone ASME wrap-around heat jacket for full or partial batches Proven effective, patented scraper system Agitator design that provides homogeneous blending while minimizing shear Electropolished, non-stick product surface Flexible controls with recipe programming to optimize the performance of the ThermaBlend™ More information on the ThermaBlend™.
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