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Pet Food Processing Equipment

Mepaco’s has been helping meat producers with their production goals since 1932. In the Pet Food industry, Mepaco has worked with some of the fastest growing pet food names that are both national and international brands. We have provided systems that manufacture canned food, fresh, kibble and treats.

Our equipment is built to USDA standards. We offer several levels of sanitary finishes from bead blasting and passivation to pickle passivation and electropolishing.

Pet Food Processing Equipment

Mepaco’s Pet Food Manufacturing Equipment expertise includes:

  • Grinding and blending Systems
  • Pumping and stuffing equipment
  • Auger Systems, Screw Conveyors
  • Thermal Processing Solutions
  • Material Handling, Lifts, Dumpers

Mepaco has been a long-time member of FPSA (Food Processors Suppliers Association) and is also a member of PMMI (Packaging and Processing Machinery Manufacturers Institute).


Recent Posts

  • [Infographic] Pet Food Bin System Solves Around-the-Clock Formulation Posted last year
    The Pet food processing industry has witnessed significant growth in the last few years, according to FPSA, Pet Food Processing Equipment Market Forecast to 2026. The study states that the growth is due to an increase in pet ownership and adoption rate and a rise in urbanization across developing countries. The changing consumer trends such as demand for nutritious alternatives and high-quality pet food and proteins have further led to changes in the pet food equipment industry. Market trends and overall growth have led Mepaco to engineer more systems for pet food manufacturers. This blog highlights a bin formulation system that Mepaco has manufactured for numerous pet food processors. The bin system utilizes on-demand controls to provide around-the-clock formulation. The core equipment in this system are the Clean-Sweep Metering Conveyor, Belt Conveyors, and Load Cells. CLEAN-SWEEP METERING SCREW CONVEYORS with SURGE LOADING CAPABILITIES Clean Sweep Metering Screws provide the surge loading benefits required to fulfill production goals in the batch formulation system. The equipment is custom designed as part of a lineup in a bin configuration. Each hopper supplies different ingredients for the (mass ...
  • Batching Bin System Animation Posted 3 years ago
      This animation demonstrates the modifiable Batching Bin System.  Pre-broken frozen food products (red meat, fish, chicken, vegetables) are delivered to a designated surge loader on a traversing belt which locates the exact drop position. Once the recipe is established and the demand is made, the applicable surge loader(s) deliver product. Load cells are used to measure product displacement over a given time (loss-in-weight method). Mix tanks, blenders or cookers signal for the raw materials in a given SKU and the surge loading metering screw conveyors will deliver the correct dosage of product required through the primary grinder and then to the batch for final formulation. Contact our technical sales representatives for questions and a personal virtual tour of this system!  
  • Accumulation Solutions Solves Bottleneck for Pet Food Processor Posted 6 years ago
    Problem A Pet Food Processor needed to increase throughput due to production delays in waiting for grinders feeding directly to blenders. Solution Mepaco engineered a solution that placed surge loaders between the grinder and the blender, allowing the processor to accumulate and stage a full batch of products to be fed into the blender. This system allows the processor to select different volumes of products from a fresh grinder and a frozen block grinder, and feed them together into the surge loader. As soon as the downstream blender is empty, the surge loader quickly refills the blender to begin the next batch.   An integral piece of equipment is the Screw Elevator. This equipment was designed with CIP (clean-in-place) spray ball. It features a fixed based with an elevated pivot track to reduce sanitation time. Another vital piece of equipment are the specialty loaders. These hoppers were designed with extended side walls for high capacity loading. Product staging and storage was a key factor in getting the maximum throughput from this grind/blend system. This solution saves valuable minutes off each batch that would be spent waiting ...
  • Auger Cart Provides Production Efficiencies for Pet Food Manufacturer Posted 8 years ago
    Mepaco’s augers and pumping systems eliminate the need for batching by automating product transfers between production processes. The cart highlighted in the photo was customized for a specific bone-in chicken processing application. Due to a stringent plant floor layout, the cart was modified to cover the gear boxes during the product dumping cycle from an existing dumper on the line. Further, the auger screw was designed with custom flights. These flights are engineered to forcefully push product through the pressure tube. The pumping operation is sized for a flow rate of 200 lbs./minute. Visit Auger Carts on Mepaco’s web site.
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