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Pivot Dumper DP3000

The DP3000 (pivot dumper) is constructed from T304 Stainless Steel material and pickle passivated. The design is USDA approved.

Pivot Dumper

Pivot Dumper DP3000 features include:

  • Adjustable container hold-down bar
  • Flow divider
  • Dual hydraulic cylinder design
  • Hydraulic power pack option
  • Side - load configurations available




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  • Dumper with Optional Pallet Retention Posted 12 months ago
    In the photo, the DP3000 is shown in different stages as the pallet is separated from the combo during the dumping process.  This system reduces the risk of foreign matter getting into the food stream and contaminating the food production process.    This dumper also features liner retention which prevents the liner from separating from the combo and falling in the hopper or cart.    Watch Video In a new system video animation a similar dumper is featured at the start of the Pre-Blend line; shown with safety guarding, the PRS (Pallet Retention System) and LRS (Liner Retention System).  
  • Mepaco Dumper Equipment: New Options Improve Food Safety Posted last year
      Mepaco’s Pallet Retention System (PRS) is an option on Dumper equipment that reduces the risk of foreign matter like wood and nails from contaminating your food production process.   A manual or optional pneumatic clamp safely secures the combo throughout the dumping process. As the dump cycle begins, the pallet is immediately secured so once the combo reaches 90-deg, the combo can complete the dump cycle apart from the pallet.  In addition, a Liner Retention System (LRS) prevents the liner from separating from the combo and falling into the hopper.  Upon completion of the dump cycle, the dumper and frame are reunited and the carriage assembly returns back to the start-load position.    This design limits the potential of foreign material from entering the product stream.     The Pallet Retention System (PRS) and the Liner Retention System (LRS) are both available on the DP3000 Pivot Dumper and the HD3000 High Lift Dumpermodels.   Download the latest brochure on Dumpers for more information.  
  • Food Product Bulk Dumper Equipment Customized for Extreme Sanitation Protocols Posted last year
    Designed and manufactured by Mepaco, this pivot dumper has a high load infeed because of the dump elevation and limited ceiling height available at the customer’s food processing facility. This dumper features a pneumatic combo hold down, with options for additional sanitary surfaces to meet the demands of the caustic and aggressive cleaning procedures. Due to the high load height, the pneumatic hold-down option allows the customer to use multiple combo/tote sizes in which their IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) products are supplied, without the need for manual adjustment. During the dumping process, the pneumatic hold-down prevents the combo and the liner from falling into the surge loader. The customer opted for a stainless reservoir tank. Traditionally flat surfaces were redesigned with a pitch to allow water drainage. The top of the reservoir was also pitched to allow drainage. The application called for all stainless steel piping and non-corroding fittings with a minimum amount of flexible hoses. These upgrades shorten the time to clean equipment between recipe production changes. All product contact surfaces were electropolished for the greatest resistance to bacterial attachment and the ...
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What kind of containers can be used in the pivot dumper?

  • Standard tote and combos on pallets
  • Custom Octagon shaped carboard / combo
  • Combo with liner, plastic or stainless tote
  • Standard 400# and 600# buggies (requires hinged buggy arm attachment)
  • Wheeled carts
  • Drums/barrels

What size combo is used on the standard DP3000 Dumper?

It handles a traditional combo and vat size 40" x 48" by approximately 48" tall with adjustable hold-down.

Does a hold-down come standard on a pivot dumper?

A manual adjustable hold-down is standard. An air cylinder hold-down is optional.

Can the Pivot Dumper handle V-Mag Buggies?

The buggy arm set up is available as an option on the Pivot Dumper.

Can Mepaco accommodate a non-standard container?

Yes, Mepaco engineers have custom designed dumpers for many different applications. Contact your sales engineer / manager to review your application.

What is the standard dump height?

48", 60", 72" and 84"

What are the estimated cycle times?

DP3000 with 48" Discharge Height is 55 sec. (7.5GPM)
DP3000 with 48" Discharge Height is 35 sec. (12 GPM)
DP3000 with 60" Discharge Height is 64 sec. (7.5 GPM)
DP3000 with 60" Discharge Height is 40 sec. (12 GPM)
DP3000 with 72" Discharge Height is 74 sec. (7.5 GPM)
DP3000 with 72" Discharge Height is 46 sec. (12 GPM)
DP3000 with 84" Discharge Height is 83 sec. (7.5 GPM)
DP3000 with 84" Discharge Height is 58 sec. (12 GPM)

Is there a pallet retention option?

Yes, it is custom design to the application to retain the pallet while the dump is in process. Contact your sales engineer / manager to review your application.
Pallet Retention System

What are the loading options on the DP3000?

The Pivot Dumper can be loaded manually via a wheeled cart or by using a hand pallet jack, powered pallet jack, or fork truck.

Do you only carry a floor load model?

Higher dump heights are possible by using a riser or stand.

What is the load rating of the DP3000?

It is rated for a 3000 lb. load.

What are the metal finishes on the dumper?

Dumpers are constructed with a 2B mill plate finish and pickle passivated. Electropolished chutes are optional.

What are the finishing options for a heavy sanitation environment?

The chute can be electropolished. We can also supply stainless steel cylinders and stainless steel pivot bearings as an option.

What are the control options on the DP3000?

We offer a push button, up/down, estop, lock-out/tag-out control panel.

What safety options are available on the pivot dumper?

Locally mounted mechanical counter balance valve on each cylinder is standard. We can provide standard sheet metal side guarding and parameter guarding.

What configurations are available?

The DP3000 can be configured as a front load or a side load model.

What are the safety measures for the hydraulics?

If any hydraulics fail, it is pressure operated so the hydraulic will hold the dumper and lock in place.

What is the standard cylinder component material?

Standard cylinders are painted SST paint and all stainless cylinders are optional.

What is the maintenance required for a DP3000?

Check the power unit at regular intervals for oil levels. Check the filter and strainer. Conduct a visual check of the hoses and fitting and look for leaking fluid. Note: consult manual for more information.