EZL-2500 Wide Wing Lift Provides Flexible Access

EZL 2500 Wide Wing Lift

The EZL-2500ww (wide-wing) is a low profile lift that can be loaded from the floor level with a pallet jack or fork truck. The wide wing model is designed with the cylinders located under the platform to allow manual operator access from all sides for loading and unloading.

This unit is accommodates 42” x 48” pallets and has a 37” travel (2500 Lbs capacity).

In this application, the EZ-2500ww addressed an ergonomic concern related to a pack-off line where a floor level lift was required with access on all four sides. The wide-wing provided the access and safety the customer required. With the standard hand-pendant controls, the operator was able to locate the load at a height that allowed for quick and easy access.

This style can also be designed as a drive through lift (without the back rail).

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