Mepaco’s 170 Mixer-Blender is an Effective Part of any Emulsifying Line

Mixer Blender Emulsifier

A recent shop floor walk through shows a Mepaco Mixer-Blender discharging into a
Pappas Emulsifier.

The large chute directs product discharging out of the Mixer-Blender into the
cutting head of the emulsifier. Once the product is emulsified to the desired consistency,
it can then be transferred to a linker, former or surge vessel.

In this application, the product is being emulsified and then combined with other
product ingredients in a separate blender. Mepaco’s Mixer-Blender is part of an
efficient line that produces 400 Lbs/Min out of the emulsifier.

Mepaco’s 170 Mixer-Blenders!