How to Determine if your Auger / Screw Conveyor is Failing

If you have a transport,
incline or metering screw, these conditions are symptoms of a failing
auger / screw.

  • The screw is rubbing on the wall of the
  • There is a bow or wobble when
  • The hanger bearings are wearing out
  • The wear pads are ground down beyond normal
  • The gear box is
  • The drive shaft is worn out

Screw conveyors are
important to keep product moving between processes, so pay close attention to these systems
to stay ahead of maintenance issues. 

After any major incident,
contact Mepaco
to inspect repair. Mepaco Services may be able to make some repairs on
site. Welding, straightening, stainless finishing can be performed on site.  However,
re-machining a new piece, shaft or remanufacturing a paddle/ribbon, needs to be worked at
the factory. 

It is important to assess
the life and stress of the augers to make sure that you do not experience down-time. Mepaco
Services can provide audits, service contracts or emergency repair to help to
prolong the life of screw