How to Know When an Agitator is Failing

In some
cases, there is a particular event that causes agitator damage such as a shovel or fork
falling into a piece of processing equipment.  However, there are several other signs that
determine when an agitator is failing:

  • The agitator starts developing cracks in the pipe
    or welds.
  • The agitator starts rubbing the tub side

Here are some
causes of agitator damage:

  • The drive end motor is not shimmed
  • There is a bad bearing on idle side may create
  • Long term issues may be caused by a tool dropping
    into the tub.
  • The product
    is being over chilled. It is wrapping over paddles, the temperature probes are not
    functional, and the CO2 or Nitro is turned

Agitators are
part of Mixers, Mixer-Cookers, and ThermaBlend Cookers.  This equipment is the most important part
of the processing line and must be maintained for maximum uptime.  Other equipment, such as
Metering Screws with Hoppers have leveling ribbons that may also need to be included in the
list for agitator maintenance.

there is a 3-to-6-month lead time for a new agitator.  In some cases, agitator repairs
can be made at the customer site.  Mepaco Services may be able to use a sleeve or secure welds to
get the machine back up and running.  Sometimes, it is possible to make repairs for
temporary production while the new agitator is put on

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